My Reading Lately – September 2020

Well, I am doing some reading for myself, some to keep ahead of the girls, and some as a read aloud with Miss J. Keeps it interesting. I have enjoyed flying through some works and lingering with others. So, what are these titles? Read on.

The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw – This one was a read aloud with Miss J to go along with her history study. She is working on From Adam to Us from Notgrass and I am really liking the literature selections they have to go along with it. This was such an engaging story that Miss J would beg for us to read ahead. We did and finished it a few lessons ahead of time. An excellent story set in ancient Egypt, this features a young boy who has been orphaned and lives with his lousy older brother. He dreams of becoming a goldsmith like his father but that dream seems to get further and further away as he finds out about the illegal activities of his brother. We learned a lot about the culture of Thebes and ancient Egypt reading this. The story prompted a lot of good discussion.

The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare – I read this one ahead for Miss J’s history program. It is a good and interesting story about a young boy in ancient Near East. He has been raised right but struggles with wanting what is right for the people. He falls in with a rebellious group of men who take him in. But when he returns home and stays to take care of his young sister, he begins to question what he knows and what is right. His meeting of Jesus really throws a spinner into the workings of his head. This struggle between what he desires, what the people around him are telling him, and what his heart is believing makes for a very strong story line.

A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park- Set in the ancient far east, this is another story about a young boy trying to figure out who he is and where he belongs. He desires to be a potter’s apprentice but cannot figure out how to do that. He begins to do tasks for the potter and works his way up in difficulty of tasks. He proves his loyalty in this story through a very difficult journey. This coming of age and growth tale is also part of Miss J’s history program.

Under The Egg by Laura Marx Fitzgerald – This novel was given to me by Miss E. She enjoyed reading it a couple of times. Theodora’s mother has been suffering for a long time but until her grandfather passed away, it was not a big concern. Her grandfather had taken care of them. Now that he is gone, Theodora has to figure out how to make the few dollars they have last and still solve the mystery that her grandfather left with her. Featuring a piece of artwork in the clues leaves her struggling but with the help of a new-found friend, maybe some headway can be made. Mixing art, history, and mystery makes this a fun novel.

Living The Braveheart Life by Randall Wallace – Written by the screenplay writer Randall Wallace, this is a strong encouragement to move forward in life bravely. Follow Wallace in his journey from a happenstance mention of William Wallace to the blockbuster movie, studying the people from the story that we all meet in life – the Father, Teacher, Warrior, Sage, and Outlaw. It is a insightful look at the movie but also at our own hearts and lives.

Aesop’s Fables – We are using a Kindle version of the fables to read for the history program for Miss J. We read about 10 fables a day. These are simple reads and the morals are straightforward. We do take a moment to talk about the ones that are not as straightforward. There have been several where she recognizes the story from different places, including one of our favorite books from their toddler days – Little By Little. This is the story of the water pitcher that the crow wants to drink from. These are enjoyable stories that it is good to read.

Hebrews by Erynn Sprouse- I believe that I mentioned this study in regards to Miss J’s curriculum for the year. I am going through it again with Miss J as her Bible class. She asked me to do a special Bible study with her so this fit the bill. It is the book for Lads to Leaders this year so going through it will be a great support for Bible Bowl.

That’s it. At least, that’s all I wrote down. There may have been more but I wasn’t so good the last week or two of the month and was trying to remember what all I had read. If I remember any others, I’ll add them to the next update.

Lori, At Home


4 thoughts on “My Reading Lately – September 2020

  1. John Notgrass October 13, 2020 at 12:44 pm Reply

    Hi, Lori. Thanks for sharing your reading highlights! I’m so glad to hear that the From Adam to Us literature has been good for your family. I enjoyed reading “A Single Shard” with my son.

    • 3gigglygirlsathome October 13, 2020 at 12:52 pm Reply

      The literature selections are really enjoyable. I am enjoying sharing them with my girl.

  2. Annette Vellenga (@athomepets) October 19, 2020 at 6:47 pm Reply

    i really liked the bronze bow. I think it’s one that I read with the lad. At least I recall good conversation surrounding it…. 🙂

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