Britfield & The Rise Of The Lion ~ a book review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product from the author for the purpose of this review.

Book 2 finally arrived and was devoured quickly. Now, the wait commences for the continuation of the story. Again. Thus goes the circle of reading and waiting for a series that has caught your interest and imagination.

Britfield & The Rise of the Lion is the second book in the Britfield series about Tom, the possible rightful heir to the British throne. But with the history, even the name, of the Britfield family erased from everything, who knows where the truth is to be found. And, can Tom make it to that point of finding the truth still alive since there are those who do NOT want to relinquish their powers?

In Britfield & The Lost Crown, book 1, Tom and his friend Sarah escape from a terrible and dangerous orphanage. In doing so, they find many people trying to capture them and maybe even kill them. But why? As they make their way across England via hot air balloon, they crash land at Oxford and find an unlikely source of help and friendship. Making their way to the Archbishop of Canterbury, they find that he is a friend of the Britfield family and can help Tom find the truth, and perhaps his parents. He sends them across the English Channel toward France, but halfway across, an explosion sinks the ferry.

Thus opens book 2, Britfield & The Rise of the Lion. Tom and Sarah find themselves in Mont-Saint-Michel, a ancient and massive monastery. After months of recovering, Tom and Sarah are living through the daily activity in the life of a monastery. Sarah is put to work in the library and discovers something interesting. Tom knows they need to leave and with the help of Brother Gabriel, they escape. They quickly find themselves being chased, yet again.

Making their way to Paris, they seek safety in the Notre-Dame Cathedral with the Archbishop. After months of having expected them and them not arriving, the surprise was great but he was thrilled. Providing them with the care and food and sleep, they find they are not safe. The chase continues through Paris where they run into their friend from Oxford, Oliver. With his help, they begin to search for the people and places needed to verify whether or not Tom is a Britfield and the rightful heir to the throne. Of course, they are followed by the assassin who is charged with getting rid of Tom, and anyone who knows about him, completely so that the power of the 13 is never revealed.

Oliver takes them out of Paris to safety, or so they thought, at his uncle’s house. There, they continue to unravel the mysteries and find that the deeper they go, the more nefarious the situation is and the more danger they are in. Just in time, they escape from the uncle’s house through a secret passage and make their way to where it is believed that the Britfield family is hiding.

Time and time again, Tom and Sarah get close, just to have it all pulled out from under them. The fast-paced, constant adventure and challenge is comprised of twists, turns, unexpected friendships, and unbelievable betrayals. Is Tom a true Britfield? Can he find his parents? Can he survive the assassin and keep Sarah safe, too? And with a surprise revelation at the end, what else will come up that will impact his future?

This is a definite read for anyone about 5th grade and up. It is an adventure and lots of fun. For those in upper middle school and up, it is likely a quick read over just a few days.

If you desire to turn this into a unit study or a topic study, that would be super easy to do. The first book is highly supported on the website, with readings, pictures, and more corresponding to the places mentioned in the book. It would also be easy to do simple, or complex, research on these places and people related to them. Studying geography fits in naturally to a book of this sort. Additionally, architecture could easily be studied since important places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre-Dame Cathedral are mentioned. The Louvre would open up studies of art and artists. The mention of the fictional Britfield Codex would allow a study of a true codex that exists from history. These are just a few options for utilizing this interesting story for education if you are looking for that. Additionally, there is a study guide available for purchase to go along with Britfield & The Lost Crown.

Visit the Britfield website to order and learn more.

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3 thoughts on “Britfield & The Rise Of The Lion ~ a book review

  1. Annette Vellenga (@athomepets) August 23, 2021 at 4:55 pm Reply

    oh, this sounds like a good series to read. 🙂

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