Ecclesiastes: Life In The Light of Eternity ~ a book review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product from the publisher New Growth Press for the purpose of this review.

Ecclesiastes: Life In The Light of Eternity is a small group Bible study published by New Growth Press. It is a part of the Bible study series The Gospel-Centered Life In The Bible. This study is written by David Gibson. I received a PDF file for the purpose of this review.

Ecclesiastes: Life In The Light of Eternity is a study of the book of Ecclesiastes. It is somewhat unusual to study Ecclesiastes but it is a great book to study. It is chock full of wisdom cloaked in poetic, often puzzling, language. This study helps break down that language and get at the heart of the message. Right from the introduction, the reader is struck with a challenge to what is often just taken for granted about this book.

This study of Ecclesiastes is part of a series and it is set up the same way as the previous ones. There are 10 lessons and each lesson is intended to be structured for about an hours worth of study and discussion. It is intended for a small group study but I found this one accessible for individual study, as well, which is honestly how I prefer my study right now. Your small group needs to be a place where hard, deep questions and statements can be dealt with openly and honestly without judgment because that is what Ecclesiastes gets to the heart of – living life for God when so much on this earth is not.

The lesson structure is set up in six sections.

  1. Big Idea
  2. Bible Conversation
  3. Article
  4. Discussion
  5. Exercise
  6. Wrap up and Prayer

The Big Idea introduces the theme of the lesson. The Bible Conversation gets you into God’s word, reading the section that the teaching covers. The article is written by the book’s author and is intended as a main teaching section for the lesson. Discussion covers the article and helps to group members to think deeper about the lesson and teaching. The exercise is supposed to help the group members apply the teaching to their life. Wrap up and Prayer is a short closure to the lesson.

The themes for the lessons in Ecclesiastes include:

  • wisdom
  • happiness
  • time
  • justice
  • words
  • death
  • life
  • planting
  • aging
  • eternity

These themes are quite relatable and can have a great impact on one’s life. I found that my favorite part of the lessons were the exercises because they really brought into view the life of Christ and our lives as Christians. It brought a lot of New Testament scripture into the conversation and I found that refreshing.

This study does include a section at the end of the PDF titled Leader’s Notes. These are notes on the theme and the Bible Conversation, in particular. It is intended to help guide the discussion as needed. It is not a simple right and wrong answer key.

Overall Thoughts:

I liked this study. I found it quite deep and challenging and I will enjoy working through it a bit more in depth as my current study comes to a close.

I did not care for having to work with the PDF file. It is just cumbersome and not enjoyable to work with, especially as it doesn’t scroll smoothly on my laptop but instead slides side to side as I try to scroll. Also, if the leader’s notes are needed, they are at the end of the document and it is not a simple click to get there. Rather you have to scroll all the way to the end and then back and forth as you work through whatever questions you were consulting the notes for.

Be sure to check out other titles in this study series from New Growth Press, including Psalms, Jonah, Ruth, Exodus, Mark, Ephesians, Titus, Revelation, and I John. You can read my review of some of them here on the blog.

Lori, At Home.

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