March 2022 Books

Busy times mean a late post on the books I have read. So, here you go. Only 3 weeks into the next month. 🙂

Her Mother’s Hope and Her Daughter’s Dream – Francine Rivers

My oldest daughter (can you believe she is 18 now!?!) asked me to read these. I had tried another one by Mrs. Rivers that I did not like, though it is currently crazy popular. It was too graphic and gross for me. She told me this set of books was quite different. So, I tried it. And she was right. It was a lot different from the other and I did enjoy it a lot. It is a story about mothers and daughters, somewhat based on Mrs. Rivers’ own past. I found the historical parts interesting. I enjoyed some of th characters quite a bit and others none at all. Overall, I enjoyed the stories. Still not planning to pick up any other of Mrs. Rivers work.

Before The Throne – Crickett Keeth

Pop over and read my full review of this one, if you are interested. I have enjoyed this Bible study about prayer during difficult times. There is a good focus on God’s word and has given me some good thought. I like this study.

Called For Life: How loving our neighbor led us into the heart of the ebola epidemic – Kent & Amber Brantly

I cannot recommend this biography enough. Kent Brantly is a doctor and he and his family moved to Africa to serve as medical missionaries. He contracts ebola and this is the story of how their faith got them through the tough time, not knowing whether life or death was just around the corner. The medical treatment advances were able to preserve the life of Dr. Brantly but that is just one small part of the intrigue of this story. The truly remarkable part is the steps of faith that are recalled and documented throughout this medical struggle. After time to recovery, the family returned to the mission field in another part of Africa to continue serving God. This is a high recommend, one you should definitely read.

Shocking Secrets of American History: 115 Surprising and Amusing Tales – William Coates

This nonfiction selection was a ton of fun. Written by a history teacher who wanted to introduce his students to the more unique aspects of history, these stories take us through the history of America by examining some strange and unknown tidbits about people and events. From the founding of America through World War II, these short stories will captive imaginations and foster interest. Most of the stories are just a page or two long and so can be quick additions to a history curriculum or can be a stand alone read. In fact, my oldest has decided it looked interesting and has added it to her stack of books to read. I recommend this one.

Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life – Sutton Foster

Sutton Foster is an actress who has found an outlet for the craziness of life surrounding the acting business – crafts. This autobiographical story works looks Sutton’s career and life through the lens of crafts that she worked on during that show/time. Each craft represents something she struggled with or how life was difficult for her at the time. Her family life was strange. Her acting life was crazy and difficult, fraught with emotional difficulties, and life itself was hard to take sometimes. But crafting, well, that was where she found an outlet that helped her keep all of that in perspective and focus on living well. This was an interesting take on a biography and I truly enjoyed it. Another one that is worth the read.

Counterfeit Love – Crystal Caudill

I have posted a full review of this book for you to read but will share a blurp with you here. My basic little bit: Secret service, counterfeit money, mixed up emotions, a mystery in the family – could things come together to confuse Theresa Plane? As a lady who faces life full on and full force, these things may cause her pause but they will not derail her. That is, until her ex-fiance, who disappeared after her close call with death, shows up. Confusion combined with her grandfather’s death, push her further into the unknown.

I enjoyed this story a lot, which was surprising as I don’t typically enjoy mysteries. This one was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed this historical take on it all. Again, it was worth the time.

Really Woolly My First Easter – Bonnie Rickner Jensen

Since this is a board book, I am not sure if it counts as a book for me to read but it was so cute! This is a precious board book (full review here) for a little one to snuggle up with someone and read. It is bright and colorful, with a special rhyme about joy and a prayer on each 2 page spread. The joy of spring, rain, new beginnings, growing, Easter, Jesus, and in “my heart” are sweetly covered to help a young child learn about all that God has placed around us. Each page also contains Easter eggs in the illustrations to provide an egg hunt for the readers, encouraging new discoveries each time. This gorgeous book will captivate the child’s wonder and scripture will place the truth of God in their heart, moment by moment.

The Master Craftsman – Kelli Stuart

Jumping between history and present day, this is an enjoyable read about one of the most fascinating art houses to ever exist – the House of Faberge. The historic portion dates between about 1900 and 1920. It recounts some of what the people were going through as the Russian government changed hands and turned communist. We view this historic portion through the eyes of one who is searching for a fabled egg, not sure if it existed or not, but feeling that gut pull that it did. When Nick cannot search on his own, and as a way to reconnect with his now-adult daughter whom he hasn’t seen for years, he sends her into the search. Knowing there could be danger along the way, they take all the necessary precautions. Now that the treasure hunt is under way, what will be found? This was a super enjoyable read. I flew through it and truly enjoyed it. I adore historical fiction and this was right up there with the best.

So, I got 9 books read this month. A pretty big month, I guess. I enjoyed all of them and they were easy to read. I would spend the time to read them all again, also, as I found them so enjoyable.

Lori, At Home.


One thought on “March 2022 Books

  1. Annette Vellenga (@athomepets) April 30, 2022 at 10:24 am Reply

    Francine Rivers stuff is very hit or miss, I tend to just avoid her stuff. The rest of the books (wooly easter excluded) sound like interesting reads. I wonder if I can find them through audible… heading off to check it out.

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