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Books of the Bible At-a-Glance ~ a Crew review

Title page clipBible knowledge is a big part of what our family tries to cover and so it was with great interest that I received the digital file for Books of the Bible At-a-Glance from Teach Sunday School. This resource tackles all 66 books of the bible with a single page summary to help synthesize the information that each book includes.

Teach Sunday School is a company that provides a number of digital resources for purchase to help introduce and teach about God’s word. From games and skits to preplanned lessons and VBS programs, these resources are intended to help busy parents and Sunday School teachers have the resources they need to help their students learn and understand more about God.

Books of the Bible At-a-Glance is a PDF file that is purchased from the website. You then download the file to your computer. This was a simple process and the file downloaded quickly. I was able to then open and scroll through all of the pages in the file. Each book of the Bible has a single page in the file and you can easily print just the ones you need.


This sample shows the page for the book of Joshua.

I have printed Exodus at this time because our Bible Bowl students are studying the book of Exodus this year. I really like what I see and know that this simple summary of the Bible will be a great introduction for them. Placing the book in its complete context and framework aids greatly in understanding.

The name of the book is bold and easy to read at the top of the page. It gives which book of the Bible it is – in this case, Old Testament book #2. There is a neat little timeline for the book that places it within the Old or New Testament in it’s place.

It includes who the author is, or is assumed to be, and when it was written. There is a bulleted list of some of the important stories and another with verses that are well know from the book.

The page closes out with important points about the book. The book of Exodus list includes things like where the Ten Plagues of Egypt is found and the story of the burning bush. It also gives a summary of the book after most of the well-known stories are covered.

mini binder books of the Bible

I am also using this to teach Miss J about the divisions of the Bible in both the Old and New Testament. We are printing these at half-size (two on a page). Each division of the Bible is on a different color paper and we are placing them in a mini-binder that we have. When she needs to review the divisions, she will have a complete color-coded notebook to use.

I was telling my mom about these because I just knew they would be perfect for the curriculum she is teaching at her church on Wednesday nights. They are teaching children about the Bible and focusing on each of the books. This file is inexpensive (to me) and fit perfectly into their needs. She took a look at it and while we were talking about it, purchased it. Because I was right – it helped to teach what they were wanting to get across to their students.

And what is that? There are many important things in each book of God’s word and not one of them should be excluded. Each one is unique and special and is placed in the Bible because God had a use for it there. That is why I really like these Books of the Bible At-A-Glance. Each page is packed full of information that is needed to understand the book and its role in God’s word.

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I highly recommend you check out this resource from Teach Sunday School. If you are not sure or if you are just looking for additional reviews to be certain this is what you want, please visit the Homeschool Review Crew and read reviews from other families who also received this resource.



He Is Enough ~ a review

He Is Enough study of ColossiansFinding time in God’s word can be challenging, right? The world so often threatens to overtake us and we find ourselves saying “I just don’t have time.”

Well, Asheritah Ciuciu recognizes that with her newest Bible study and says “no excuse!” I really like her solution to our time crunch world.

As you would expect, she reminds us that time in the word is the only way to know more about God, to understand His will, and to be in Him. She has created two ways to approach this study of the book of Colossians, focusing on the fact that daily opening of the God’s word is necessary for growth.

First, and the recommended, is to spend time with FEASTing. This is a study style that has the reader Focus on God through prayer, Engage the text by reading scripture, Asses the main idea, Spark transformation through application, and Turn to God in worship. This takes a bit of time and focused energy but really helps the reader be in deep study.

Second, and the option for when you need to read the Bible but don’t have a ton of time, is snacking. Each daily study has a “Snack on the Go” option for when you have just a few minutes of time. This option takes about three to five minutes.

color the verse

Now for the actual study of Colossians –

Written in a conversational tone, this study of the book of Colossians is titled He Is Enough: Living in the fullness of Jesus. It is a six week Bible study. This study is so well structured that you feel like you are sitting across the table from your good friend, getting to know Jesus more through the study of the church at Colossae.

Asheritah begins the study with a couple of pages of background information on the city of Colossae and the book of Colossians. Following that she begins the study. There is a two-page introduction to each week’s study and then five days of daily study. There is also a weekend reflection for each week’s study so that you are truly encouraged to be in God’s word daily. Can I just say how much I like her set-up?

Each of the daily studies encourages various ways to engage with the word and try to understand it. Reading God’s word out loud, writing scripture, praying scripture, answering questions, and coloring scripture are just a few of the ways in which Asheritah has the reader engage with God’s word. These variations are effective in really getting your mind to see things from different perspectives.

snack on the go

Why I Like This Study –

Recently, I had been a part of a different study of Colossians that just was not enjoyable. This one? I love it! One thing I look for in Bible studies is to be engaged in the word. Asheritah definitely forces one to engage with the word. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time each day, you cannot use this study and not be opening the Bible. Isn’t that what this is all about?

Starting the study, you are given the overarching theme that will be looked for throughout – Jesus Is Enough. He is enough, no matter your situation and that is viewed through your own personal lens as you engage in this study.

About Asheritah:

Asheritah Ciuciu is a writer, speaker, and founder of One Thing Alone Ministries–an
online community of women who find joy in Jesus through creative spiritual
disciplines. She’s also the author of Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction,
Unwrapping the Names of Jesus, and He is Enough (Moody, June 2018).
Asheritah grew up in Romania as a missionary kid and lives with her high school
sweetheart and spunky children in northeast Ohio. Her passion is leading busy
women deeper with Jesus in the midst of their everyday lives both in her local church
and online at

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He Is Enough review


Geology and Apologetics ~ a Crew review

Geology and Apologetics

Several years ago, I was introduced to Northwest Treasures. I have spent much time wandering over their site and thinking that so many of their materials and courses looked so good. When I was offered an opportunity to review one of the online courses, I jumped at the chance. I was so excited to receive Geology and Apologetics. We also received Taking the Mystery Out of Geology.

Northwest Treasures is a company that was born out of a passion for truth and understanding of the world we live in. Patrick Nurre began by sharing his own finds and understandings with others. More and more folks were interested in understanding how it all fits together so he found himself sharing in more places and in more ways. This is how Northwest Treasures was born and it is quite a resource!


Taking the Mystery Out of Geology

This is a single video that runs about 20 minutes and is recommended for grade 5 and up. Because geology is the foundation of science, it is something we should be familiar with. In this video, Mr. Nurre walks us through some of the Biblical framework for geology, as well as all sciences. He reminds us that we need to begin with understanding God’s word; it should be our starting point and we should not deviate from it. Second, he encourage all science to be taught from a Biblical worldview, so that all grow up understanding God’s infallible truths. He then covers 13 different terms that really clarify the scientific discussions. By understanding these terms, one can speak more clearly and confidently. Some of the terms that are important include science (not history but is something that can be tested, observed, or repeated), history (things that have taken place), and a number of others.

Y’all the minute we had finished this video, all three of the girls were already speaking more confidently about what they were hearing and understanding. I have heard a number of times since we watched this video the statement “That isn’t science!” When asked why it wasn’t, the response was “It cannot be tested, observed and/or repeated.” If the girls understand nothing else from this video, it is enough. It provides a confidence in understanding all science.

We will be watching this video again but I will do it differently the next time. I am going to create a worksheet or have the girls take notes about each of the terms, as defined in this video. Just listening to the terms really was not enough. I stopped the video after each term and we discussed it. But the terms were new to most of us so one time through was not enough. A list of the terms to take notes with or a notebook page to write about the terms will help in that regard.


Geology and Apologetics

This is a series of six video lessons. They run from about 11 minutes to 25 minutes each. Each lesson address a different part of understanding the Biblical approach to geology and how it differs from the secular teaching so prevalent in geology. The teachings of modern geology leave out belief and religion. This removal takes us very far from the Bible and led to a number of issues. By understanding, clarifying the issues, and setting the record straight, we can speak confidently.

This class is recommended for grades 8 – adult. I feel this is a fairly good age recommendation for complete understanding but I have found that my 9 year old has gained quite a bit from these videos. Don’t count out that younger students can pick up some information by listening.

images from videos

Lesson 1 addresses apologetics. If you cannot stand solidly by the Bible as the word of God, he has some recommendations about how to work through that using scripture. If you do not have this point confidently in hand, you will not be prepared to engage in discussions regarding modern geology and where it deviates from scripture.

Lesson 2 works on “clarifying the coflict between science and the Bible.” The conflict is about a view of the earth, not about facts or science, according to Mr. Nurre.  Modern science puts forth that science is right and myth-believing Christians are wrong. He focuses quite a bit on the definitions of science, history, and philosophy.

Lesson 3 works through the chronologies and genealogies of Genesis. Mr. Nurre specifically looks at Genesis and how they are approached in scripture. This relates back to where he ended lesson 1 – are you fully standing behind the Bible as being fully true? Using the scriptures of Genesis, Mr. Nurre helps us look at and understand what is read. Understanding this is helpful in discussions about the age of the earth and completion of the records.

Lesson 4 discusses the gaps in the fossil record and how they are addressed in modern geology. Much of modern geology has not been observed and so the interpretation of information is a philosophy. This lack of written records leaves us relying on the rocks and fossils to understand history of the earth. The gaps in the fossil record are well addressed in this video, really addressing the fallacies of evolution. He compares beliefs of modern geology with Biblical beliefs.

Lesson 5 specifically addresses evolution and how modern science argues for dinosaur to bird evolution. It builds off of lesson 4 and the gaps that are found in the fossil record. It is a fascinating look at how many people inaccurately argue for their understanding or position. The information presented in this lesson will help you state why the fossil record does not support this example of evolution.

Lesson 6 helps to understand time and chronology better, specifically how modern science represents it. The contrast of the geologic column and time spectrums is interesitng and Mr. Nurre does a really good job of helping us see the fallacies in the arguments that are presented by modern geologists.

These videos are fascinating and really are a wonderful tool to use to help students see the fallacies presented by modern science. When you understand the terminology and apply it with understanding to the Bible, there is little room left for accepting many of the positions of modern science, specifically geology.

scriptures for defense

What I Think

If you can’t tell, I have been thrilled with these videos. I have watched them twice now, myself and plan to have my girls watch them again, also. There were some issues with trying to play them through our computer, as they would freeze or just be really slow and jerky with the buffering. However, I found that I could access Vimeo (the platform the lessons are on) through our TV and the videos run perfectly on there.

I highly recommend these videos from Northwest Treasures for anyone who wants to better understand the issues that modern geology presents and how to counter those issues. Knowing the scriptures is first of all what you have to do. But understanding the terminology that goes along with that and how they say it all fits together will help you speak more confidently on the issues. I am hoping that we can use their course on Dinosaurs and the Bible at some point soon. They also have classes, curriculum, and guided trips about the National Parks that I find really interesting. Perhaps we can work that in somewhere, as well. I know it would be fascinating.

At Home.

Northwest Treasures sent us both of these video series but some other Crew members received Dinosaurs and the Bible. Read about what other families thought by clicking on the banner below. Connect with Northwest Treasures through Facebook and Pinterest.



Think on These Things (or why we don’t tell our girls about news stories)

Think On These Things

I had an interesting discussion with the oldest giggly girl the other day. She asked why they always have to learn about news stories at church, such as school shootings. Evidently they are often topics of conversation among the youth at church, specifically for prayer requests. Prayer requests are good – praying for those who need it falls right in line with what God wants the girls to do. However, we intentionally don’t draw their attention to these types of stories. And so when she asked, I answered.

The answer was quite easy –

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. – Philippians 4:8 (NKJV)

This is why I don’t watch the news. This is why I don’t read the newspaper. This is why I skip over so much of social media. The topics and ideas these media cover are not often noble, or lovely, or pure. So, I often don’t know of the bad things that are happening in the world and cannot share it with my girls. Even if I did, I do not want that to be where my girls thoughts are focused.

I don’t want them worrying or being fearful. God did not create in us a spirit of fear. (2 Timothy 1:7) When we focus on the evil things of the world, we will give in to the spirit of fear that Satan desires for us. When we are living in fear, we are not living in God and His will for our lives.

We try hard to bring the lovely and the beautiful and the pure into our girls lives so that they can focus on God.

Hosea 6:6 says

For I desire mercy and not sacrifice,
And the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.

When the evil of the world is brought to view, we pray and try to teach the girls to pray. In order for us to help teach our girls to focus on the good and the beautiful, to focus on mercy and the knowledge of God, we refrain from bringing to their focus the evil of the world.

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God’s Law ~ decree

God's Law decree

DECREE – a formal and authoritative order, especially one having the force of law (from

When I read that definition, I think “this is something I must pay attention to and follow.” If it is a decree, it is non-negotiable, right?

Wait! If that is true, why don’t we see the word of God as non-negotiable? God has decreed his ways through the Bible yet it is so easy to brush that off. It shouldn’t be but we have allowed it to be so.

The Psalmist wrote what I see as almost the key verse of chapter 119 in verse 112:

My heart is set on keeping your decrees to the very end.

He sees just how important the word of God is and so he has set it in his heart that keeping the decrees of the Lord is what he will do. I need to be that focused.

I noticed when I got onto my Bible app earlier that it was congratulating me for “connecting with God’s word” for two days in a row. Really? Should I be congratulated for that or should it be chastising me for not having a better record?

Looking at Psalm 119, we see just how many days in a row we should be connecting – every single one. The major theme in the verse that use the word DECREE(S) in the NIV is “teach me your decrees, God.” Over and over and over. The Psalmist is pleading with God to be taught.

We are so blessed in that we have the word of God right at our fingertips, in a hundred different ways each and every day. Are we seeking to be taught as the Psalmist did?

Teach me, Lord, the way of your decrees, that I may follow it to the end. (verse 33)

I gave an account of my ways and you answered me; teach me your decrees. (verse 26)

Praise be to you, Lord; teach me your decrees. (verse 12)

Deal with your servant according to your love and teach me your decrees. (verse 124)

These are just a few of the verses that plead with God to be taught. I should be following this example and pleading to be taught.

How can I do this? I don’t actually have to get down on my knees and beg to be taught by God. I had seen my errors in allowing my daily Bible time to go by the way-side, so I have been working to implement some new habits and schedules to help me. Because I want to know God’s decrees. My options:

  • quiet time by myself first thing in the morning
  • reading aloud to my children
  • reading quietly with one of my children
  • listening to the Bible or to verses set to music
  • devotional books
  • singing hymns
  • quoting scripture or working on memorizing more

These are just a few options but I must learn more. I cannot follow that which I do not know.

You are good and what you do is good; teach me your decrees. (verse 68)

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God’s Law series ~ week off

God's Law

You know, life happens and sometimes we get drained. Sometimes we lose focus and have trouble finding drive and enthusiasm. That is this week. We have struggled finding our way back into routine and have had some extra bumps in the week. So, I am not going to fight it, trying to create a blog post for the God’s Law series for today that is just not very good and done half-heartedly. I’m going to spend today reading Psalm 119 and thinking about some of my favorite verses in it.

That is one thing that has been really good about reading and rereading this chapter of God’s word – I have found several verses that have really spoken to me, set in my heart and encouraged me over and over. These verses are some that I have probably skipped over time after time over the years. But now, they are sticking with me a bit. I do plan to share them with you at the end of the study.

For today, though, I’m just reading and meditating. No writing or hyperfocused word studies. Just God’s word talking to my heart. I hope you will join me in this as a way end an off-kilter week.

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God’s Law ~ a reading

God's Law

This is a post I am scheduling ahead of time because I am spending time with family between Christmas and New Year, not on the blog writing. So, I am making today’s devotional thought short and sweet.

Have you read through Psalm 119 recently? All the way through, in one sitting? Have you read it in a different translation or version? I challenge you to join me today in reading Psalm 119 through at least once. I will be reading it in a different version. I don’t know which one but will choose one from my Kindle app.

It is good for us to read a passage we are studying in various translations/versions. Why? Different versions use different English words to convey the same meaning, while the original languages of the Old and New Testaments generally only have one meaning. It is wonderful to have so many options in English and by reading the same passage in different translations/versions, we can gain a more thorough understanding of what God was trying to teach us through that writer.

So, today, pick a version that is different than you normally study from. For me, that means I need to get away from my NIV study Bible. I really like my study Bible, all the notes I have taken from year to year and study to study. But for those very reasons, it is good for me to take a step back and look at Psalm 119 from a different view.

Next week, I will share with you which one I chose before we get back into looking at a specific word for God’s Law. When you finish this and have chosen your version, I would love it if you would leave me a quick comment letting me know which you chose.

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