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Support An Aspiring Ballerina

Our middle daughter Louisa, whom we have always called Miss L on the blog, is 15 and an aspiring ballerina. In July 2021, she had the opportunity to attend a two week ballet intensive with the professional company Ballet Magnificat! in Jackson, MS.

She is looking forward to going again in 2022, maybe for 4 weeks. In order to help fund that, she has put her drawing ability to work and you can support her by purchasing a full color print of any of her cards. Each card is about 5″x7″, is $2, and comes with a white envelope. Shipping is an additional charge – likely $3 for the first 5 cards and going up $1 for each additional 5 cards from there. We will ship at the most reasonable cost possible for you.

Below you will find images of her cards. All drawing is done by Louisa. There are 13 to choose from. You can pick and choose which ones you would like to purchase and order by name/description. Holiday cards are at the end and there will be new ones released in the coming few weeks. Please email your order to me at

All purchases must be paid through Paypal prior to shipping.

Thank you so much for your support and help in getting a student the training needed to pursue the desired career.

Lori, At Home.

Happy Birthday, Mate

Happy Birthday Flowers

Penguin On The Beach

Love Birds

Tropical Flower

Bunny and Chick

Cherry Blossom with American Flag

Flower Burst

Thank You Flower

Peace On Earth

Winter Bird on Path

Tis the Season

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

Some Sports Are Not Seasonal or Competitive

Often we think of sports only with the idea of team sports or seasonal sports. But stop to think about it. What sports are there that are not seasonal? Lots of them! Yoga, strength training, running, gymnastics, dance, and so many others do not require a season. Not all sports are competitive!

For our family, we each have a favorite sport to be involved with. At Home Dad is a runner. He tracks his running miles and hits several hundred miles a year. He enjoys it a lot and it not only helps him stay in shape but his stress is managed, too.

For me, I do walking and stretching and am trying to get back into some yoga. I walk about 2 miles each day, 5-6 days a week. Most of the time right now, it is on the treadmill or around the dance studio. But I get it done! I don’t require a certain time of year to do this and I don’t need a team for it. That is one of the great things about both walking and yoga!

The girls? Well, they dance. A lot. At the studio or at home, the girls dance. Ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical – the enjoy it all and will dance as much as we let them. I cannot speak highly enough of the benefits of dance. Confidence, strength, understanding, team work, independence, growth, taking instruction, and on and on.

The two oldest girls also have the benefit of being selected as student assistants at the dance studio. They help the teachers in the classes they assist. They are helping out in a wide variety of ages this year and what a great opportunity this is. While still get the exercise and “sport,” they are learning how to instruct and teach, give and receive constructive feedback, handle responsibility, manage time, and more.

Sports are not just the team sports that people tend to think of and they do not have to be seasonal or competitive. Those have their place but they are not for everyone. I am thankful for these other sports options that still allow for health and activity without the competitive nature so often associated with “sport.”

Lori, At Home.

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Under the Lights – Blogging Through The Alphabet

U under the lights

Yes, this post is a week late. You see, last week was recital week for us; dance recital this time. A much bigger production than the violin recital. But this also represented a year’s worth of dedicated, hard work and practice.

Each year, the dance studio puts on a full scale, professional recital. We have extra rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and, finally, two days of the final product – recital. This year’s theme was Choose Joy. It was spectacular and joyful.

While I don’t like some of the songs and dances chosen and performed (I am still not convinced the hip hop is a form of music OR dance), I can appreciate the dedication and hard work put into those performances.

The toe shoe numbers – lovely! The tap – amazing! From 3 year olds up to those graduating from high school this year, everyone worked hard. Hundreds of students performed.

U Choose Joy recital 2017

Miss E has become a wonderful tap dancer. This is her favorite discipline but please note, it is hard to work to have overcome the fact that this is also the discipline that made her quit dance for a while. She is now a terrific tap dancer.

Miss L really enjoys both ballet and jazz, though ballet is her favorite. She works daily to continue to get better and she is the child that truly dances ev-ery-where. She dances so much that it wears me out but she loves it! And she is getting more graceful all the time.

Miss J participates in ballet, tap, and jazz. She doesn’t really have a favorite yet but I am sure one will appear at some point. She enjoys all of them and her ability to make friends and smile is a joy to see.

U Recital sisters 2017

So, we have a short break from dance practices during the summer and then we will go back to it. Dance is a joy. Choose Joy!

At Home.


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