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Play – FMF

Today’s prompt for Five Minute Friday is PLAY.


Shrieks of joy.
Hide and go seek.
A cup of tea.
Relaxing chats.
Sharing hopes.
Sharing fears.

As we grow, play changes. Play is innately constant, though. Play is always a way to enjoy, share, and grow. Through play, we learn. We experience. We sometimes hurt but more often have fun. But play is a necessary part of life. As necessary as food and water and sleep. For without play, there is no joy to the rest of life.

Play is not only for youngsters and it does not always involved dolls or trucks. Play is something that happens when we share life with another.

So grab a cup of tea and pull up a comfy chair. Let’s play.

At Home.


worth – Five Minute Friday


Today’s prompt: WORTH
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GO –

When I see the word worth, I think of value. Each person, each thing, has inherent value. The question that follows is – to who? To who does that person, that thing, hold value?

And where does that value come from?


Are these things really “worth”, though?

My gut reaction? No. Worth that comes because of beauty or strength or usefulness or power is not really worth at all.

Worth comes from being valued for what you are. Worth comes from being treasured by one who loves you. Worth comes from a confidence that stems from being washed clean, from being saved.

My worth comes from my savior. Where does your worth come from? If it is not from a savior who can save you eternally, do you need to make a change? You are worth that change. Do it today.




At Home.

Expect – Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday is a 5 minute free write where you just follow the flow of your thoughts. Sometimes it is a ramble; sometimes it is not. It is always a fun writing time. Join in!


GO –


That word is loaded with meaning, isn’t it? It is full of assumption, plans, wants, needs, desires. It is full of human emotion. It is full of hope and disappointment. It is full of plans and cancellations. It is loaded.

For us, as the weekend of dance recital has now arrived, expect is definitely loaded.

I expect:

  • lots of excitement
  • lots of glittery and shine
  • lots of hope
  • lots of fun
  • lots of joy
  • lots of movement
  • lots of tired
  • lots of driving
  • lots of showtime

And I expect to enjoy it all. Even the mundane tasks like waiting backstage and driving to and from the recital hall. The girls expect lots of stuff from this weekend and I am certain that none of us will be disappointed.

That is one of the good things about having a lot of expectations. There are lots of ways to have them met and the missing out on one or two is not the crushing thing it is if you only have one thing you expect.

What a simple way that we can see God’s blessings providence. The excitement of something we expect. Isn’t God good?

At Home.



VISIT – Five Minute Friday


Five minutes – no editing – just free-write and enjoy. Hosted by Kate at Heading Home, though next week FMF moves to its’ own home!

GO –

Big porch, cool temps, beautiful mountains.

Scars from forest fires.
Visit home doesn’t change.
Just the view changes.

People are the reason for the visit.
Seeing mom and dad.
Chatting in person.
Getting advice and encouragement.

Break from ordinary.

Friends and laughter and joy.
Plans and hopes.
Joy and kids and toys and play.

Home. Near or far.
People make the visit.


Random words today, huh? Hope you head over and read what other wrote.

At Home.


SING – Five Minute Friday


Today’s FMF word is SING. Five minutes writing. No editing. Hosted by Kate at Heading Home.
GO –

Sing a song.
Sing out loud.
Sing out strong.
Sing of good things, not bad.
Sing of happy, not sad.

Sing a song.
Make it simple to last your whole life long.
Don’t worry that its not good enough for anyone else to hear.
Just sing.
Sing a song.

This song is what I would begin my kindergarten music classes with at the beginning of every year. (Did you know I used to teach K-5 music? Loved the music part – singing with the kids, playing singing games, playing instruments, musicals, choir. All the fun stuff! Making music all day long was awesome!) I wanted them to learn to just have fun and make music.

I was missing my music teaching days earlier when this song came through my Facebook feed.

Dr. Brumfield was one of my instructors at UNT where I attended to get my Master’s degree and my national Kodaly certification. She is an amazing teacher, composer, researcher, and more. This song is just one example among many of her talents and abilities. And it certainly made me miss my choir students.


enough – Five Minute Friday (on Saturday)


It seems like these last few weeks have flown by! I keep finding myself a few days behind on things, though I haven’t missed any deadlines because of that. Whew!

So this lovely Saturday afternoon, I am writing a Five Minute Friday post. Because I like the freedom of these prompts. They are fun and interesting to me. Five minutes of free-associations and thoughts. No editing required, though I do correct spellings and such as I go. Just can’t help it!

GO –


It’s full. Stop before you overflow it!

Or maybe

Enough. I have been through the mill today and am exhausted.


Enough. You have completed what you needed to and you were successful at it so you don’t need to continue.

Enough can have so many implications. Like so many other things in our lives, it all depends on how you choose to use it.

Enough is not met – can you help? Can you fill?

So often, we don’t see those who need to be filled. We miss that they need help getting enough. Of whatever it is. But so often  it is just being seen and recognized and given a smile or a handshake or a hug. That often is enough to change someone’s day, to change the direction they were heading.

Enough – how can I be enough for someone else?

Bravery. Step out. Act instead of think. Do it now.

I need to be enough. For others and maybe, in that process, my enough will also be found.

At Home.


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Friend – FMF


You know the way it works – I’ll write for five minutes on the prompt of FRIEND and then I’ll like it up with Kate’s blog Heading Home.

GO –


These are just some thoughts that come to mind when I think of my closes friends. And you know, nowadays, friends aren’t always someone you have met in person. I married my best friend on this earth. He is my constant, my strength, my rock, my support, my encourager. I hope I am the same for him.

I have several good friends that I attend church with. They help me keep my chin up and my feet moving forward. They also homeschool, or have done so, and they know what I may be struggling with and working through. In addition to the homeschool world, these friends know what I need in my spiritual life and they pray for me and check on me if I miss church or Bible study.

I also have several friend scattered around the world that I have never met. But they bless my life in ways I cannot even express. One chats with me several times a week and encourages me through comments and checking in and, I know, prayer. Others have sent me scriptures, commented on forums I am part of, comment on my blog, or a million other ways in which I know they are supporting me.

God places lots of people in our lives and not a one of them take the place of any other. Each is so special. I very much appreciate this aspect of God’s love and care for me.


At Home.


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