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‘Tis Set, The Feast Divine ~ hymn

Tis Set The Feast Divine hymn

At Home Dad led the singing this morning at worship and he chose another hymn that I was not familiar with to sing prior to sharing communion. This hymn is by L. O. Sanderson and Vana R. Raye. It is a beautiful melody with words that really focused in on the Lord’s Supper which we were about to eat. It is not long but the focus is sharp.

Matthew 26:26-29, Mark 14:22-25, and Luke 22:17-23 all give account of Jesus eating the Passover feast with His disciples. During this, He gave them instruction to remember Him through the eating of the bread and the drinking of the fruit of the vine until He returns. Paul reiterated these instructions in I Corinthians 11.

Jesus gave his life so that we may have life. He commanded us to continue to remember this by sharing this memorial feast each week together. This hymn helps us to focus on the pieces of that feast – the bread representing his body on the cross and the fruit of the vine representing his blood. His death is what we should focus on so that we see the sacrifice given in our place.

And that is followed by the resurrection of Jesus which replaced death with life and sin with holiness. Jesus’ sacrifice is remembered each week by those of His church and this hymn give great focus to that memorial feast.

‘Tis Set, The Feast Divine

lyrics: Vana R. Raye
music: S.O. Sanderson

1. ‘Tis set, the feast divine –
The bread, the fruit of the vine –
And saints commune before the shrine,
In the supper of the Lord.

2. May we the Lord discern,
His death our holy concern;
We feast in faith, His coming yearn,
In the supper of the Lord.

Lori, At Home.

How Sweet How Heavenly ~ hymn

How Sweet How Heavenly hymn

There are times in our lives when it feels like many, many we know are going through difficult struggles. Whether it is illness, death of a loved one who has struggled with health for a long while, death of a loved one that was sudden and unexpected, or feeling downtrodden with all that this earthly life holds for us, we all feel that sadness and lack of hope once in a while. But, we should find that hope. After all, we have hope in Christ. He promises us that. And we have a sweetness that is found only in Him and in our family through Him. Those around us are ready and willing to lift you in your times of struggle. They are also ready to be there in times of peacefulness and joy. Love is what ties all of this together. So love one another as Christ loves each of us.

Lori, At Home.

Listen to this hymn at In Search of the Lord’s Way. The titles are alphabetical and you’ll just need to click the arrow to the left of the title for How Sweet, How Heavenly.

How Sweet, How Heavenly

lyrics: Joseph Swain (1792)
music: William B. Bradbury (1844)

  1. How sweet, how heav’nly is the sight,
    When those that love the Lord
    In one another’s peace delight,
    And thus fulfill His Word.
  2. When each can feel his brother’s sigh
    And with him bear a part;
    When sorrow flows from eye to eye,
    And joy from heart to heart.
  3. When, free from envy, scorn, and pride,
    Our wishes all above,
    Each can his brother’s failings hide,
    And show a brother’s love.
  4. When love, in one delightful stream,
    Through every bosom flows;
    When union sweet, and dear esteem,
    In every action glows.
  5. Love is the golden chain that binds
    The happy souls above;
    And he’s an heir of Heav’n who finds
    His bosom glow with love.

Beneath The Cross of Jesus ~ hymn

Beneath the Cross of Jesus

Something that always brings me peace is the cross of Jesus. Yes, I realize that it is also a place of great pain and anguish. But the peace comes from the recognition that in the cross I have hope and a future. Without the cross, I do not have a hope or a future. With no hope, no future, there is no peace.

Jesus took on my sin while on the cross and put it to death. When he rose from the grave, he conquered death and removed sin. Through him, and only him, is there true peace. So that cross is a peaceful thing for me.

This words of this hymn reflect that peace can be found in the shadow of the cross. It is a refuge.

Beneath The Cross of Jesus

words: Elizabeth Clephane (1872)
music: Frederick C. Maker (1881)

1 – Beneath the cross of Jesus I fain would take my stand,
The shadow of a might rock within a weary land,
A home within the wilderness,
A rest upon the way.
From the burning of the noon-tide heat and the burden of the day.

2 – O safe and happy shelter, O refuge tried and sweet,
O trysting place where heaven’s love and heaven’s justice meet!
As to the holy patriarch,
That wondrous dream was giv’n.
So seems my Savior’s cross to me, a ladder up to heav’n.

3 – Upon that cross of Jesus mine eye at times can see
The very dying form of One Who suffered there for me.
And from my smitten heart
Two wonders I confess:
The wonders of His glorious love and my own worthlessness.

4 – I take, O cross, thy shadow for my abiding place.
I ask no other sunshine than the sunshine of His face.
Content to let the world go by,
To know no gain or loss,
My sinful self, my only shame, My glory all the cross.

Lori, At Home.


God Give Us Christian Homes ~ hymn

God Give Us Christian Homes

Do you ever love the words of a song because they challenge you and remind you what you should be striving for? This is one of those hymns for me. The gentle melody reminds me that I should be a calm presence in our home. (Something that I am striving for because, well, I lose my patience and get tired and all those other things that shorten my temper.) I am reminded to make the Bible a centerpiece of our home, our daily life, our teachings. I am reminded that hospitality should be a big part of life. I see that joy and love and song should be expected and a way of life. But as I was reading these lyrics again this evening, one line stuck out at me.

“Homes where the Lord is an honored guest.”

It gave me pause. What does that look like? What does that sound like? When we honor someone, we give them the best of what we have – our things, our money, and more. But what about our time? Am I giving the best of that, as well? When I honor someone, I put that person before myself. I think more about what is right for them, not me. I give them the best of all I have.

So, it is time to ask myself – do I treat the Lord as an honored guest?

As I strive to make mine a Christian home, I need to keep asking these questions so that I can make myself a better example of Christ for my children and to show the love of Christ to the world around me.

Lori, At Home.

God Give Us Christian Homes

words & music: Baylus B McKinney

  1. God give us Christian homes!
    Homes where the Bible is loved and taught,
    Homes where the Master’s will is sought,
    Homes crowned with beauty Your love has wrought;
    God give us Christian homes;
    God give us Christian homes!
  2. God give us Christian homes!
    Homes where the father is true and strong,
    Homes that are free from the blight of wrong,
    Homes that are joyous with love and song;
    God give us Christian homes;
    God give us Christian homes!
  3. God give us Christian homes!
    Homes where the mother, in caring quest,
    Strives to show others Your way is best,
    Homes where the Lord is an honored guest;
    God give us Christian homes;
    God give us Christian homes!
  4. God give us Christian homes!
    Homes where the children are led to know
    Christ in His beauty who loves them so,
    Homes where the altar fires burn and glow;
    God give us Christian homes;
    God give us Christian homes!

Bring Christ Your Broken Life ~ hymn

bring christ your broken life

Life can be hard. Difficulties make us feel alone, abandoned, broken. But we are not alone. We are not abandones. We may be broken but not without hope.  This hymn is about that hope that comes through Christ.

Bring Christ your broken life, so marred by sin, He will create anew, make whole again; your empty, wasted years, He will restore, and your iniquities remember no more.

Bring Him your every care, if great or small- whatever troubles you- O bring it all! Bring Him the haunting fears, the nameless dread; Thy heart He will relieve, and lift thy head.

Bring Him your weariness, receive His rest; weep out your blinding tears upon His breast; His love is wonderful, His pow’r is great, And none that trust in Him shall be desolate.

Christ is waiting for you, for you to bring your brokenness to Him. He will strengthen you. He will help you and lift you.

Doesn’t it sound wonderful to know that we will not be desolate?

Visit In Search of the Lord’s Way. Beside the hymn title, click on the play button to enjoy listening to this hymn.

Lori, At Home.

I’m Not Ashamed to Own My Lord ~ hymn

i'm not ashamed to own my lord

This is a bit late because I spent this weekend with the youth from our church, listening to classes, thinking about, and considering the topic of “Unashamed” at the Challenge Youth Conference.

What do you think about what you first see that word? Unashamed

I certainly don’t associate it with a discussion about faith.

But y’all – I was challenged this weekend. Challenged by many thoughts and ideas presented, and by the discussions we had with the young ladies we were chaperoning.

Some of the thoughts I wrote down, I would like to share with you. I will credit the men who I am quoting but please do realize that these were all in a much larger context and setting. They all have to do with the idea of being “unashamed” in your faith.

Wes McAdams in discussing being Unashamed to Confess.

  • Whose “with-ness” do you value most?
  • Admitting to being “with” Jesus WILL put you at odds with people.
  • Every time God stated to not fear, it is because He is with the person being told that.
  • Fear often keeps us from stating who we are “with” because we don’t want to be alone. But we are NEVER along. God is always with us. Do Not Fear!
  • Don’t let who you sit with means more to you than how much God loves you.
  • Let your heart be saturated with God’s love.

Lonnie Jones and Ben Hayes in a discussion and Q&A about ministry with teens and the larger body of Christ.

  • Emotions and thinking don’t often play well together.
  • Love is not staring at someone eye to eye; it is standing shoulder to shoulder with someone and looking forward together.
  • Emotions are information, not instructions. Understanding that difference really helps in being able to communicate during difficult times.
  • Students need to have these 3 perceptions about themselves.
    • I am capable.
    • I am significant.
    • I can affect the outcome.
  • With those three perceptions, they learn four important skills.
    • intrapersonal
    • interpersonal
    • systemic (more of you than me, group dynamics)
    • judgmental (decision making based on values, not peers)
  • Consider the importance of the ministry of presence, just being there.
  • The Lord’s Church is an organism, not an organization.
  • Students need to be taught the whole Bible, the big picture. Without that, they cannot learn how to apply it to their life or to talk with others about it. (Facts, concept, application)

Travis Bookout in talking about Unashamed to Wash Feet.

  • Pride is a cancer that kills your relationship with God.
  • Sometimes, kind things don’t change people. Judas betray Jesus with clean feet.
  • Only the cleansing Jesus offered can clean. Judas walked out of that upper room with clean feet but he himself was not clean.
  • Greatness can be accomplished with ordinary means.
  • Accept kindness with gratitude and allow it to change you. Then turn and share it.

Ben Hayes on Unashamed to Stand Before a Pagan God.

  • Battles & blessings & battles & blessings & battles & blessings . . . a constant cycle that we will undergo. Ex – Philippians 4:11-13
  • The time to make a decision about how you will stand and who you will stand with is not in the midst of a difficult situation. You have to have made that decision long before.
  • When we trust God in all the little things in our lives, it becomes easier to trust God with the big things when they come our way.
  • Trust in God; ignore the ungodly; offer yourself as a living sacrifice; impact those around you – seen in Daniel 3 (Nebuchadnezzar’s observation) and John 14
  • Trust leads to the ability to ignore the outside voices and the ungodly. Ignoring leads you to being willing and able to offer yourself as a living sacrifice to God’s will. Being that living sacrifice is how you impact the world.

David Shannon spoke on Unashamed to Own My Lord.

  • There are two places of existence – In Christ or in the world.
  • Joseph of Arimathea had to take a stand and it likely cost him everything. He probably struggled with that stand for a long while. But when it came down to when it mattered, he stood with Jesus.
  • Courage is when your trust in the Lord is greater than the fear you face.

Lonnie Jones with the idea of Unashamed to Confront Our Brethren When Living Faithless Lives.

  • If being God’s child is not enough for you, nothing will make you happy.
  • Numbers 14 is a verse of great power “If the Lord delights in us. . .” – God does delight in us so why do we doubt or fear His power?
  • It is not us against them; it is God against them. We just have to stand with God.
  • When you feel insecure or ashamed, it is because you have forgotten that you are being carried on your father’s back. Deut 1:21
  • We don’t have a bigger impact on the world because we don’t take it.
  • Being ashamed is just unbelief wrapped in a different name.
  • Shame and disbelief belong together.
  • Faith and unashamed are together.

Y’all, this is just what I had time to write in my notes and process. I am hoping we can get a hold of recordings of these sessions because they were packed with so much! I know that as an adult I gained a lot by attending Challenge Youth Conference 2019 (CYC). I hope the teens all gained as much as I did.

Of course, through it all ran the theme of unashamed. Which brought this hymn to mind often this weekend. Click the title to listen to it at Great Songs Chapel.

I’m Not Ashamed to Own My Lord

lyrics: Isaac Watts
music: Carl Glaser

I’m not ashamed to own my Lord,
Nor to defend His cause;
Maintain the honors of His word,
The glory of His cross.

Jesus, my God!  I know His name,
His name is all my trust;
Nor will He put my soul to shame,
Nor let my hope be lost.

Firm as His throne His promise stands,
And He can well secure
What I’ve committed to His hands,
Till the decisive hour.

Then will He own my worthless name
Before His Father’s face,
And in the new Jerusalem
Appoint for me a place.

Lori, At Home.

How Firm A Foundation ~ hymn

how firm a foundation

One thing everyone know about a building is that it must have a strong, steady, firm foundation. Without a firm foundation, the building will not withstand the test of time. That test may come through just the weathering of the elements or it might come from a single mighty hit that it takes. No matter how it comes, without a firm foundation, the building has no change of withstanding the hit.

The same is true of you and me, my friend. My foundation must be firm. Without a foundation that is firmly rooted in the God of the Universe, I don’t have a chance of withstanding the weathering that will occur throughout daily life, let alone the big hits that will come at some time.

This hymn discusses where a firm foundation in God comes from. The first stanza tells us that a firm foundation is laid for my faith (MY faith, y’all – it is put there for me specifically) in the excellent Word of God. Take a second and think about that. God’s Word was given to provide for your faith and mine. It is not an accident. It is not a simple book of stories. It is a rooting for me, a firm foundation, and it is from God! He Put It There For Me!

The second stanza is God speaking to me and you. He is telling us to not be afraid, he is with us. God provides for His people and in the Bible, we read about that over and over. We see the omnipotent hand of God through his many mighty works and through the everyday peace that comes into the lives of those in Him.

The third stanza is another reminder that God is ever watching, ever caring, ever protecting. He does not forsake us. Do we forsake Him? Do we walk away at times? Or maybe not even that intentional but just not think about Him for a while?

This reminds me so much of the works the girls have been doing in their Lads to Leaders activities and events. They are working on themes from Exodus and this is exactly what it is about. Lads to Leaders is designed to help students have a firm foundation in Christ and the word of God while becoming the leaders of His church on this earth. Exodus reminds us over and over of the fact that God is always there, even when we are not choosing to see or hear Him. He leads us when we allow Him to. His protection is evident when we look for it.

This is a lovely hymn that is just packed full of reminders of who God is and what He provides for us.

You can listen to this hymn being sung at Great Songs Chapel.
It is also available on In Search of the Lord’s Way. This link should take you to the H listings and you just click on the play arrow to the left of the title How Firm a Foundation.

Lori, At Home.

How Firm A Foundation

lyrics: Rippon Selection of Hymns (1787)
music: Funks Genuine Church Music (1832)

1 – How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,
Is laid for your faith in His excellent Word!
What more can He say than to you He has said,
You who unto Jesus for refuge have fled?

2 – “Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dismayed;
I, I am thy God, and will still give thee aid;
I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
Upheld by My gracious, omnipotent hand.”

3 – “The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose;
I will not, I will not desert to his foes;
That soul, tho all hell should endeavor to shake,
I’ll never, no never, no never forsake.”

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