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Thin Stix ~ a Crew review

Thin Stix review banner

Love to paint, color, and create all things artsy? Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors is a product you need to add to your collection. Created by The Pencil Grip, Inc., these Thin Stix are a solid tempera paint appropriate for any number of amazing, fun uses. Thin Stix classic colors

Thin Stix are tempera paint in a solid, stick form. Solid tempera paint is bright, vibrant colors. In just a matter of seconds, the paint is so dry it will not smear or get on hands, arms, or anything that rubs over it. A while back we reviewed Kwik Stix and loved how easy they were to use. Thin Stix does the same thing, only they are a bit smaller.

We have truly enjoyed using this paint without having to get out the brushes and water. We have found that we can do some more detailed work than with the original Kwik Stix since the tip is smaller. I still wish they would make some that were even smaller. The vibrancy of the color makes me want to use them for everything!

working on the pirate rainbow

Ease of use with these is amazingly simple. You uncap like a marker. Roll it up like a glue stick. Use it. Roll it back down. Put the cap back on. That’s it. None of the fuss, muss, or mess. Paper, cardboard, wood, and more – it works on just about everything, it seems!

We have used these quite a bit on regular printer paper. They work great but we have experienced the pages curling up as they would with regular paints so a bit heavier paper is a better choice, though not necessary. You can see the coverage on regular paper and paint-like finish in these tessellation images.


One of the fun aspects of these is that because of the way they cover, you can use a textured paper and get a textured look from it. That was lots of fun. In this image of a Dala horse, you can sort of see that texture a little bit.

Mom's Dala Horse

Looking for the vibrancy of color? Take a look at this image of a mermaid looking at a sunset. The color is so bright! If you didn’t know this was done with a tempera paint stick that dries quickly, you would think it was regular liquid paint that is messy.

mermaid sunset

Placemats? Yes, those are easily created with Thin Stix.


Get well cards with pirates are easily made, too. Rainbows, battleships, and more. All are fun and easy. Though, if you don’t have a student who can control their paint stick easily, you might want to put something under their paper or project so that it doesn’t get on something you don’t want it to. We do have a couple of permanent marks on a tablecloth, though it is not a big deal since it almost matches the cloth!

pirate rainbow

various Kwik Stix available

When you realize all that can be done with these Thin Stix, you quickly wonder what all the company makes. Well, take a look at their website. Thin Stix and Kwik Stix both come in tons of colors, from the classic colors that we are reviewing here to metallic colors to neon colors. I would absolutely love to see just how bright the neon colors are!

nighttime flower

The company has these available for purchase on their website and Amazon but you can also pick them up at Toys R Us. These make wonderful gifts and parents and kids alike love them!

At Home.


Want to see more projects completed using Thin Stix? Check out other reviews from the Homeschool Review Crew.

No Mess Art with Thin Stix Classic Colors {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}Find The Pencil Grip, Inc. and Thin Stix on social media:




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The Typing Coach ~ a Crew review

The Typing Coach online course

Miss E has a goal of becoming a better typist so we were pleased to be able to take a in-depth look at The Typing Coach. An online audio tutorial, The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is applicable to students wanting to learn to type, from ages 8-80 or beyond.

Coach, your typing instructor, has created this program with the hope that it will make learning to type simple, less complicated. The key to this is following the plan exactly as laid out. There is not a pacing schedule for the program; you are to work on each lesson, repeating components, until it is mastered. This program will definitely be a great place to start for anyone who has not had any typing instruction.

The Typing CoachWHAT YOU NEED

The program has several components. In order to get the benefit of the program, you need access to the subscription program from The Typing Coach, internet access, a word processing program, and a printer. To begin with, the instructor needs to go into the program and print out the student pages, the Learning Checks pages, and the optional tracking page. Taking the time to read through the hints, the purpose of the program, the goals, and watching the videos provided will help you get started correctly.

HOW A LESSON WORKSThe Typing Coach working online

The student will open a word processor and The Typing Coach program. After setting up the printed page for the lesson and hitting play on the appropriate lesson audio, the student then clicks over to the word processor. Listening to the audio, the student is given the typing instruction. Listen. Type. Listen. Type. This is the basic process through which the instruction is given. At first, this is very simple – letter, letter, letter, space; letter, letter, letter, space. The instruction is give at a deliberate pace in order to encourage the student to take their time and work diligently at error-free accuracy.

After completing the audio course, the student is encouraged to practice and then to move over to the online Practice and Testing Center and take some typing quizzes. These quizzes are to see if they have done enough practice to move on to the next part of the program. There are time options for each Learning Check and once it is completed, the student will be given a grade. The goal is 100% accuracy. The speed will come with practice. After getting the 100% accuracy on that lesson, the student moves on to the next lesson.


There are a series of lessons that take you through all you need to work on to become an accurate typist, which is so necessary in our world. The lessons begin with posture, which makes a huge difference in ability. It moves on through the various rows on the keyboard and other keys used.


Table of Contents for The Typing Coach

The goal on each of the lessons is 100% accuracy prior to moving on to the next lesson. It is really tempting for students to move on before that mark but practice and accuracy are important in learning to type. That is why this is the goal and threshold for progress.


I believe this is a good, solid program that will work for lots of folks. I do not feel it is appropriate for all, though. As homeschoolers, that is expected so I wanted to share a bit about these things and make a couple of suggestions.

While I understood this was an audio course, I did not understand enough about how it worked. The pacing of the audio was slow and deliberate, which is understandable for beginning typists. It was, however, slow enough that it was a hindrance for my daughter. She often lost concentration because of the pace and already knowing how to type. (This is a trial page with a sample and additional information. I suggest listening to the sample to help determine if this is right for you.)

The format (open a window and listen to an audio) was difficult for my daughter (13) to work with. It felt disconnected for her. Part of that is that she already knew how to type and learned with a very different style of instruction, which relates to my next concern.

This program is definitely NOT for someone who knows how to type. I misunderstood this. I saw the goals of improved accuracy and typing speed and that stood out as something I thought this program could help her with. And it might have, if I had started her further along. Starting her at the beginning, though, was a mistaken since she could already type with good posture and knew where all the keys and numbers were.

Another concern that I had was the nonsense collection of letters, numbers, and punctuation. Those are extremely difficult to type if you know how to spell and type. This threw some massive curveballs our way that pushed the frustration buttons beyond reset for the day. I can understand the purpose of it in working towards accuracy (letter by letter will slow you down) but for some people, this is something that is just not something they can overcome.

The Typing CoachCONCLUSION

All in all, I think The Typing Coach program is good. If you have a student who has not already had typing instruction, this will likely be a good fit. If you have a student who does audio instruction well, this will likely be a good fit. This is a solid program that gradually walks the student through using all of the keyboard to by a competent typist. If you are looking for typing instruction, I encourage you to look closely at this program and to read more reviews from others on the Homeschool Review Crew who have been using the program for the last few weeks.

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The Typing Coach Online Typing Course {The Typing Coach Reviews}

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Stylish Hair Accessories That Hold – a review of Lilla Rose

Flexi Clips from Lilla Rose

If you are anything like me, you have quit spending anything on hair accessories, no matter how cute they are, because they just don’t hold in your hair. It is so frustrating to find a clip or a barrette or a comb and purchase it, just to find the first time you place it in your hair it slips right down. Or worse – it slips off and you lose it.

Lilla Rose Flexi Clips have changed all that for me. Not only are there tons of adorable styles to choose from, they actually hold my hair. Some styles still slip but it is easy to put a small band underneath the clip to hold it in place. And I get to use the cute clips! I recently received Hibiscus Sea and Morning Joy for the purpose of this review and boy, do I like them! They have both gotten lots of use already!

My favorite size is honestly the XL, especially with summer here. Okay – it might only be May but the heat is starting to hit and I am wearing my hair up a lot now. But these XL Flexi Clips allow me to quickly pull my hair up into a bun. No fuss, no muss. I can truly have my hair done in under a minute. Just twist it up to a bun and place the clip over the top of it.

bun with Morning Joy flexi clip

It is neat. The clips adds color and interest and, yes, even cuteness. It stays put. And I don’t have to mess with it. On days like today, when we were out in the heat and the wind, hair stayed put and still looked decent when we came in an hour and a half later.braid held with Hibiscus Sea flexi clip

I have at least one clip of each size and I do like them all. My daughters all have at least one clip each, as well. They do a fantastic job of making hair pretty and holding it in place.

Miss J using Hibiscus Sea flexi Clip

Not sure what size is right for you? You can ask Jennifer (the post sponsor) by contacting her at (there is a banner in the middle of the page with Jennifer’s picture on it; click that and there is a way to email her) or visit Lilla Rose to see the style videos and suggestions they have. While looking for the videos, check out all the varieties of Flexi Clips they have. There are new ones all the time. Colors on Parade flexi clip

And if these are not your style, they also have hair bands (which are lovely and stay put, too – I have one that I enjoy wearing), bobbi pins (which my girls love to decorate their hair with after they pull it up in a ponytail), U pins, and more.

If you haven’t tried Lilla Rose, I highly recommend giving this company a try. Jennifer is a wonderful consultant (I’ve known her from the blogging world for a few years) and will answer any questions you have.

Contact Pretty Hair (a Lilla Rose consultant) through the Lilla Rose website – – or through Facebook.

At Home.

This post was sponsored by Lilla Rose consultant Jennifer (*******). I received two free clips in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations.


Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity ~ a Crew review

Homeschool Rescue review

While I feel comfortable with how our home education is going from day to day, it never hurts to take a critical look at why and how you are making choices and to get an outside perspective on things. That is what is provided when you sign up for Homeschool Rescue, an eCourse created by Heather from Only Passionate Curiosity for moms and dads educating their children.

Homeschool Rescue is a moderated class, meaning it is only going to be sold for a couple of weeks at a time so that there can be plenty of interaction between the Homeschool Rescue team and the class participants. To participate in the class, you sign up through the website. Right now, the class is available (and will be through June 1). You will get immediate access to the site, including the video lessons, printable workbooks, transcripts, audio downloads, and bonus resources. After May 31, though, the class will close for a while so that the Homeschool Rescue team can provide the support needed for the moms and dads who will be working through the eCourse and doing the hard work of evaluating every aspect of their home education.

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue

The eCourse includes five (5) modules. Each module has several lessons related to the module topic. Each lesson is comprised of a video lesson and also has at least one worksheet to print and work through, making the lessons practical and applicable to your homeschool. The lessons often have a list of resources, as well, that can provide further enrichment about the module topic. The lessons are available as an audio download and a transcript download as well if those fit your schedule better. (I did a lot of the transcripts because I could download them at home on my Kindle and then read while I was waiting at dance classes.)

We began at the beginning. We looked at what was going well but also at what was not. Using worksheets and brain power, I looked at struggles we face (a reality in every homeschool) and made plans for what we can do when we are having a hard day. (Having a plan in place makes everything easier, right? That is what Heather is helping us do – put plans in place for many areas of the education we are in charge of.) We looked at the various learning styles and found out what styles our children learn in. I found that I have a kinesthetic learner, an auditory learner, and a visual learner. That definitely explained a few things for me!

Homeschool Rescue banner

Creating a mission statement and dreaming dreams (or building castles in the sky – whatever phrase you prefer) gave us end goals and a path forward for planning. With the path carved out, we took a slight veer off and dealt with the good vs the great, saying “no” and figuring out where time goes. Reclaiming wasted time and planning out chores helps in the accountability arena. There is even help for organization and decluttering needs!

Module 3 is a nuts-and-bolts session. Taking a hard look at the curriculum and activities we do is something that I really need. I have taken a look at this module and listened to it, but I am planning to go back to it in just a couple of weeks when I can spent some serious time with it. I need to tackle the pacing guide that she describes and see if that will help my middle schoolers this next year. (I’m going to have two!!!) But also, I want to look at curriculum more closely.

This is one of those things that makes this such a helpful eCourse – I can come back to it when I have a bit more time and ability to really dig into something. Heather encourages participants to really take this at their own pace and if something is causing them to not deal with the topic at hand (whether it be health issues or something else), she suggests stopping until you can really work at it will a whole heart and mind. She believes this so thoroughly that she has made this a lifetime access course. Once you purchase, you have lifetime access, so that if you find your homeschool in chaos in the future, you can come back and go through it again. Do those worksheets and reevaluate goals and futures. This is definitely a strength of the course.

Modules 4 & 5 are still in progress for me but they are good ones. Module four has to do with how to set our students up to succeed. Module five is about working with teens. (Since my oldest just turned 13, I guess this one is for me now! EEK!) Both great topics that I know will be helpful.

Module 2 screenshot

One more thing – Heather provides a Facebook support group that is closed to all except members of this eCourse. It is a helpful place to find the support you might need from someone else who is working through these hard topics and facing down the issues, just as you are. This is just one more invaluable resource that she provides!

We have always heard that putting goals and plans down on paper makes them easier to reach. This same principle applies in our education. Heather does a wonderful job of sharing in the struggle, encouraging you along the way, and helping us to see a path forward.

Heather has a heart for encouragement. Listening to her, you hear her concern clearly in her words and voice. It is a joy to listen and be challenged by her in each and every lesson. This may be a Homeschool Rescue but Heather, from Only Passionate Curiosity, makes it a positive experience. Whether you have been homeschooling for what seems like forever or if you are just a few years in (like we are) and need a reboot, this eCourse may be just what you need!

At Home.

There were 100 of us participating in this eCourse of Homeschool Rescue. Head over to the Homeschool Review Crew blog to see what others thought of the course by clicking on the banner below.

Homeschool Rescue {Only Passionate Curiosity Reviews}

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The Secret Bridge ~ a Crew review

The Secret Bridge review

We were recently introduced to Lamplighter Publishing and the beautiful books they publish. So when The Secret Bridge by Amy Le Feuvre was released and we were given the opportunity to review it, I was more than happy to do so. After all, a rich, historical story focused on the gifts of God and coming to know Him is such a blessing to read. I was very excited about this book.

Lamplighter Publishing chooses stories that bring a God-focused life to light through characters that are strong and courageous. The company edits the stories they choose to reflect the character of God. This does mean that sometimes a story is edited to remove questionable or inappropriate language and/or content. The result, though, is a story that fully meets the mission of the company.

The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews} 

When The Secret Bridge arrived, I was shocked at how lovely it was. This is a hardback book whose cover is a soft, buttery-feeling, leather-like material. Now, I don’t know if it is really leather but it is so soft, that just holding it while reading adds to the pleasure of the story. With the bright gold accents, this is truly a beautiful book that anyone would be proud to have on their shelf.

However, that is not the true value of this book. The value lies in the truths about God that it explores and teaches. Originally written in 1899, the story begins on a boat where we meet Bridget as she is traveling to England after losing her father. Her mother had died very early on in Bridget’s life so her father was her only family. Upon her father’s death, she found out that she did have one other living relative who would take her in. However, this relative also dies before Bridget’s arrival.

A stranger who took an interest in her on the boat happens upon her shortly after she found out she was truly alone in the world. He takes pity upon her and offers to help her. This help is very hard to accept for Bridget but once she does, she finds her world completely changed. Now a bride, Bridget is challenged “Acquaint thyself with Him.”

Bridget’s heart embraces this challenge and so begins the beauty of the story – learning how to search after God, to feel Him searching for His children and reaching for them. Bridget searches out how to “acquaint thyself with Him.” Realizing she doesn’t really know God, her main priority becomes learning to live that out getting to know Him, even among a web of very tangled family relationships.

This is an engaging story that is very thoughtfully put together, tantalizing the mind with hints of what is to come and encouraging the reader to also “acquaint thyself with Him.” In becoming more familiar with Christ, the reader is also brought to know about Christ. There is scripture placed throughout the book that points to Christ and knowledge of Him. That is the true gem of this book – the story is fun and engaging but the knowledge of Christ that is woven throughout the story is precious.

I truly enjoyed reading this book. It was an easy read, taking me just a couple of days of reading after the girls were in bed. It was enjoyable and one that I didn’t really want to put down. (And can I just say that I wish I had that terrace walk where she spent her evenings looking out over the sea, longing for her husband’s return?)

I did ask the older two girls to read a bit of the story but it just was not engaging for them. Honestly, having read the book, I can see that. It is really not one that will be that interesting for a pre-teen or early teenager. Possibly at around 15 or so the interest might be there. There are a lot of family relationship complexities in the book and that can be difficult for a younger teenager to understand, thus making the book not make a lot of sense. For me, though, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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There were 80 families who received this book to read. Click below to read what some of them thought about The Secret Bridge.

The Secret Bridge {Lamplighter Publishing Reviews}

 You can find Lamplighter Publishing on social media, too!
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ArtAchieve ~ a Crew review

Art classes with ArtAchieve

Art curriculum always gives me problems – will it be detailed enough for the girls to follow or will it be so detailed that they feel they have no personal work in it? ArtAchieve is a nice balance of the two extremes, in my opinion. We have been reviewing the Entire Level II program from ArtAchieve and all three of the girls have used it.

There are a total of five levels that can be purchased, though each level works much the same way. After gaining access to your level or individual lesson, it is easy to just jump right in. In Level II, we were able to used mostly things that we had on hand and, if we didn’t, it was very easy to just adapt to whatever we did have (or wanted to use). For example, on the Hiding Butterflies lesson, we were instructed to paint the finished drawing. Miss L did not want to because she felt that using colored pencils would give her the effect she wanted. So, that is what she did. It did not change the purpose or product of the lesson but allowed her to personalize it easily.

THE LESSONS –warm up for mermaid

When you begin a lesson, you login to your account and then click on the lesson you want to begin. Each lesson has instruction links as well as links to printable portions for the lesson. For the printable portions, there is a warm-up to print off that helps focus on various shapes that will be used in the art piece. There is also often a printable of the image. I can see these being really helpful if you have a younger set of student who want to do the lesson with you but are not able to actually manage the drawing. These could work as coloring pages. These printables open in a PDF viewer and can be printed from there.

When you are ready to begin the lesson, there are normally two options: a PowerPoint slide lesson and a video version of the lesson. We used both and each one has its own benefits. The PowerPoint slides were really beneficial for working at your own pace. You could fly through the things you didn’t need to wait through and you could take as much time as needed on the drawing portions that were taking you a while. They were straight-forward, no extra words to confuse or frustrate. The simplicity of the step-by-step drawing really kept things moving and the girls really preferred this method.

butterfly lessonWe did try the video a couple of times but it was not a favorite. The need to wait through the things you could quickly read on your own is a point that the girls really did not care for. They also felt rushed often when using the video. It was more difficult to pause and it often paused with a hand over the part you were trying to draw, thus your example was obscured. There was a huge benefit in the video, though – it was very easy to use their example and add personal touches, personalizing the artwork the way you wanted yours to be. An example was the Sri Lankan elephant was so easy to see HOW to add the foreground and background, to put the trees and bushes where you wanted them, on the video. The slides for this one did not give any option for this.

The lessons, whether slides or video, do a really good job of helping teach the student to visualize what they want and move to that image in their head. I love that there is a common statement that not every line will be exactly what you want so you keep going to change it to what you do want. This is the type of positive environment created throughout all of the lessons.

CROSS-CURRICULAR CONNECTIONScross-curricular activities from Dala Horse lesson

Another exciting feature of this program is the inclusion of cross-curricular connections, right in the slides and on the website. Depending on the lesson, there are various connections that help the students really grasp the background of art. Art does not exist in a vacuum and these activities do a fantastic job of highlighting this fact. Each lesson is based on a real-life artifact from some country. The background of the artifact is discussed and then various additional explorations are given.

Some examples include:

  • video of Dala horses being made
  • history of the country of origin – some through videos and some through articles
  • books and stories that complement the artifact or main image in the artwork
  • research – example: research myths related to cats
  • poetry
  • recipes from the country of origin
  • and much, much more.

Our favorite was probably the tessellations. We watched several videos and did a lot of looking at images by M.C.Escher. What fun that lesson was!

We used these for every one of the lessons we attempted. It was always interesting and made for a much richer lesson. I will caution that many of the videos are from YouTube so be prepared for that sidebar that can pop up with unwanted images and videos. Additionally, we did run across several links that appeared to be broken. Some of them resolved the next time we came to them but some of them did not. So, keep checking.

This cross-curriculum portion really adds depth to the experience and is a wonderful part of the lessons. Don’t neglect it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I really like this program. It wasn’t for each of us and different lessons worked well for different children.

Miss E's tessellationMiss E was able to take the mermaid lesson and apply it to a number of different outlets (she created a gorgeous chalk drawing on our driveway!). She loved the tessellation lesson, as well. But she didn’t really enjoy working on some of the others. She is looking forward to trying the shading lesson (which is one you can access without cost if you sign up for a free account).

Miss L absolutely adored the Hiding Butterflies and enjoyed doing the Dala Horse, as well. She liked the ease with which she could follow the slides (this was really important to her) and she was proud of her finished products. She also enjoyed watching some of the videos and working through some of the historical cross-curricular connections. She particularly enjoyed this with the butterflies.

Miss L's butterfly

Miss J? Well, she enjoyed sitting down to do the tessellations, as well, though the Miss J with tessellationinstructions were difficult for her to follow. At 8 years old, it worked much better for her when I took the part she cut off of her square and added it back on to the other side, taping it in place. She then could just copy the entire image instead of having to fit the partial tessellation inside the correct part of a box. (I don’t even know if that made sense!) Artwork is always a joy with this young lady but this program just did not fit her free spirit towards art very well. She is an out-of-the-box thinker and she did best when she just created her own thing after going through the cross-curricular activities.

Overall, we have really enjoyed this program and will continue to work through it.

At Home.

Art Lessons Inspired From Around the World {ArtAchieve Reviews}

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Drive Thru History® – The Gospels ~ a Crew review

The GospelsHow does history go from “ho-hum” to “Wow! What else can we learn?!?” Just put on an episode of Drive Thru History®.

Host David Stotts drives the viewers around various history sites related to a given theme; in this case it was Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”, though he has also hosted a number of others from American History, to Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. (We have used all of these at one time or another and they are fantastic!)

watching The Gospels

Drive Thru History® brings history to life by taking you to the places where history happened. Visually appealing and content rich, this series will bring history to life while you can just sit back and watch. Being able to see the sites where history was made helps the viewer really understand and remember. Viewing it all through a biblical lens strengthens the worldview, as well.

Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” is a set of 3 DVDs that brings you 18 episodes of about 30 minutes each. In these episodes, Mr. Stotts takes you to visit over 50 sites where important events took place in the biblical books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. With visually stunning video, the sites come alive with Mr. Stotts retelling of the happenings right where they would have taken place 2000 years ago. Geography, history, archaeology, and art show the life of Jesus and prove the truth of the Bible.

DVD images

With over 9 hours of video, there is so much to be seen and learned. The Gospels comes with a study guide, neatly tucked inside a hardcover book that houses the DVDs. There are stunning images and art work reproductions throughout the 118-page guide. Each episode has a section that includes scriptures to read about the people and places in the episode, 5 questions relating to each episode, a quote, and historical side note.

We enjoyed using this study guide after each episode. It was simple to use and did not take us long, yet it was a good reinforcement for what they had just watched.


Drive Thru History The Gospels

One note – The episode relating the sites and direct activities about the crucifixion has a warning on it about its graphic nature and violence. I appreciated this as I have some very highly sensitive and emotional children that feel things very deeply. I watched this episode privately first to decide whether it was appropriate for them all to see. Most of the episode I would not be concerned about but there are several minutes that are video reenactment of the crucifixion. These are extremely graphic. Miss E watched the episode but, at this time, I am not showing the episode to the other girls. This is a decision for each family to make on their own.

This series is just so fascinating. I can’t say enough good things about it. We loved Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” so much that we are planning a small group Bible study for homeschoolers next fall using these DVDs as our core. Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts is a video program that you can feel good about your students watching. If you can’t travel to the historical sites yourself, this is perhaps the next best thing – being taken there through well-done video tours full of explanation, history, and insight.

answering questions from study guide

Now for the girls’ take on the series:

  • Miss E – age 13: Drive Thru History’s Mr. Stotts is funny and I didn’t want to stop watching when it was time for school lessons. I learned about The Gospels because Mr. Stotts brought us to where it happened. When you read it in the Bible, you know it happened, but when he is showing me where it happened and I see people doing things somewhat related to what actually happened, it makes it feel more real to me. A lot of the time in my Wednesday night Bible class, my teacher says “Check the Bible. Some people say things wrong. Sometimes they say the wrong thing on accident.” And I felt that the statement at the end of each episode was saying the same thing – Read it yourself; check the Bible. This statement was accompanied by Bible passages to read about the people and places from that episode.
    I didn’t like how it showed John the Baptist pouring water over Jesus’ head at his baptism instead of immersing him. I did not really liked the fact that Mom made me wait to watch the crucifixion episode, but I understood why she did.
  • Miss L – age 10: I like Drive Thru History – The Gospels. I appreciated Mr. Stotts’ sense of humor, even if I didn’t get all of his jokes. He had a very creative and descriptive way of saying things that made me excited to hear his next sentence. I learned a lot of history with this series of DVDs in between the Bible lessons. I liked how he actually went to places instead of just telling us a little bit about each place and then saying a few words and stopping there and moving on. I really felt like he was excited to show us each place and actually enjoyed being there and getting to show us all of the places. I really appreciated that. It is much nicer to get to have a person who clearly likes his job and wants to be there teaching. I liked the part at the end where the statement said, “This show hopes to provide some illumination on The Gospels but there is no substitute for reading The Gospels yourself.” It made it feel like they really cared if you learned the truth about The Gospels and the Bible, in general.
  • Miss J – age 8: I liked that he walked around in the actual places and didn’t just stand in one spot. I liked that he walked around in the Kidron Valley. I liked how they drew the pictures about in the same places as they were talking about. There was not much that I did not like; I really liked Drive Thru History – The Gospels!

When you get this kind of praise from all three of the girls, it is a definite winner. Please visit Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels” to learn more.

At Home.

Want to know what others thought? There were 100 families reviewing Drive Thru History. Click on the banner below to read their thoughts.
The Gospels {Drive Thru History® Reviews}
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