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When We Last Spoke – Flyby book review

Charming. Down-home. Small-town. Close-knit.

This is Fireside, Texas. Nestled in the hill country of central Texas, this little town is full of all the quirky, fun-loving, interesting friends and neighbors that make life just a tad bit more fun.


Living in Fireside, we find Walt and Ruby, Juliet and Evangeline. Walt and Ruby are raising their granddaughters Juliet and Evangeline when their father is called to war and their mother decides her calling is on the stage. While Juliet and Evangeline find love, care, and warmth with their grandparents, there is an ever-nagging feeling of something missing.When We Last Spoke

Walt and Ruby are the perfect example of long-lasting love and marriage and the girls realize just how blessed they are to have such a family. Busy days on the farm are followed by cozy nights in the farmhouse. Both are full of family and love. Each week the girls do many things that help them learn to be a part of the community and to help those that can’t help themselves, even when it is hard. One example is helping an older lady by taking her meals each week. The girls find out that Ruby has been doing this since she graduated high school. This, the girls discover, is what neighbors do for each other.

Most of the book takes place when the girls are young, though it opens and closes in the present. This flashback setup does leave bits of the story that you have to be patient for. For example, we find out right away in the opening of the book that Juliet and Evangeline are estranged. The reason for that does not come out until the book is almost over and the setting is once again in the present. The closing of the book brings some answers and encouragement for families to live and love and forgive, though it wasn’t as smooth flowing and comfortable to read as the majority of the story.

This was an easy read, with plenty to make you smile and laugh and wish for those carefree days, sitting in the shade of a tree in a small town sipping lemonade and wondering what your neighbor is doing. Marci Henna wrote a winner with this one.When We Last Spoke author Marci Henna

Henna was born in Austin, Texas, but spent many years growing up in Kenya where her family worked at a medical research station. She moved back to the Texas Hill Country as an adult, living on a ranch that has been in the family since the 1800s. She currently lives in Austin.


If you enjoy easy to read stories that remind you of a simpler time, then this is a story for you.

At Home.

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Dancing Through It – book review and giveaway

passionate view

The fact that our house is home to three giggly girls should leave little room for guessing about one of their favorite sports. In case the title didn’t hint at it, the girls love to dance. They dance for fun. They dance for exercise. They take dance classes to improve their technique, style, and understanding while having fun. They dance for joy. They just dance. More than one of them has expressed a desire to dance well into her adult years.

ballet shoes

The fact that they have the desire to be professional ballerinas, at least sometimes, made this book very appealing to me. Dancing Through It is written by Jenifer Ringer, a professional ballerina with the New York City Ballet. She is very talented and added to that tons of hard, dedicated work. She did what so many little ballerinas dream of: she danced professionally around the world with one of the premier dance companies as a principal dancer. And she started with the company at just 16 years of age. Young. Easily influenced. Naïve. Yet, grounded.

Jenifer wrote a compelling autobiography, sharing her life with her readers and creating new fans along the way. She writes about a love story between her and her art but she is kind enough to speak truthfully about the world of ballet. It is not all roses and beautiful music and gorgeous costumes. She also talks about the grueling hours of work, the pain and insecurity that goes along with working in a world of performance. She takes us along with her as she learns the ropes, struggles to find and regain her true self, and then as she finds the balance for maintaining the truth of who she is and who she belongs to.

This is a story of love. Not just the love of Jenifer for ballet and all that goes along with that world. It is a story of the love of God. How He searches for his children and keeps his arms open for them to return to him at any time. How Jenifer found the love of God through her parents and the firm grounding in faith they gave her. How she faded away from that faith. How God never stopped waiting for her to turn back to Him. How He opened his arms when she returned and gave her the love of a child of God. How she used the love of God to strengthen her life and to be the woman God created her to be.

book cover

This is a fantastic book that was next to impossible to put down. It doesn’t shy away from the truth of the harsh world that ballet is and it shows us what dancers truly go through. Dancing Through It is a book that I would recommend to anyone who has a passion that they are going to pursue. The reason: passion can only carry you so far and if you aren’t careful, you can unmoor yourself from the Truth and God, ending up far away. Jenifer shows us that we can all drift away from our faith if we are not intentional about maintaining it. She also shows us that we can come back to Him if we choose to repent and lead the life He has called us to.

There are a couple of things I want my readers to be aware of. The faith community mentioned here is described as biblical but I do not know what is intended by that. Based on the description of the worship services, I do not believe that it is truly a biblical congregation. Additionally, Jenifer had to work through eating disorders and depression during some of her darkest times. She doesn’t shy away from those moments, weeks, and months, but she does an honest job of describing how she ended up in that place. She also does a beautiful job of describing how she got out of it and how she works to maintain a lifestyle that helps her fight back against those things. She gives much of the credit to God and talks about living her life for His glory.

Dancing Through It is an amazing book and her bravery to share all that she has gone through is tremendous. I just wanted to make readers aware so that they can be prepared and make an informed decision about the age at which a young person might read this. I do highly recommend this and I think our oldest will be allowed to read it if she asks again. (She asked while I was still reading, so I couldn’t let her yet since I didn’t know all it held. Plus, I was reading it!) At Home.

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