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Made By Me – July Blogging Challenge

This summer, J got to attend “Princess Camp” at her dance studio. She had fun dressing as a different princess each day. I made her Cinderella and Belle dresses 2 and 3 years ago, respectively. So, they needed a little tweaking to still fit. I cut a triangular piece of matching material, added the Velcro in the correct places to line up with what was there, and – viola – an extender for the costume. This makes it possible for her to wear them for a while longer and yet, when she passes them down to someone else, they can take out the extender and it will fit them well.

Belle Cinderella

She also dressed as Jasmine one day, which I made last Halloween. Her first costume was actually pjs that have Ariel on them.


The last one, for her performance, I whipped up from a costume leotard that my middle giggly girl designed about 4 years ago. I cut off part of it, added some details, added a skirt, and she was thrilled with her Sleeping Beauty/Aurora costume. J did all the designing for this one and I did the sewing. It was a fun collaboration and she learned a bit more about what can and cannot be done with altering already created items.

Sleeping Beauty

Sewing is fun for me and I am glad when the girls want something for themselves since it is mostly doll sewing these days.

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If I Knew Then – July Blogging Challenge

If I Knew Then

This is a hard one for me. I could easily take on the norms:

  • If I knew those I loved would be gone so quickly, I’d do things differently, hugging more, talking more, loving more.
  • If I knew the girls would grow up so quickly (yes, we’ve heard it forever but it is still a surprise for me almost daily), I would focus more on them, on loving moments, treasured times, and all that.
  • If I knew that I would be teaching my girls at home, I would have saved different things and gotten rid of different things along the way. I would have looked at things differently 15 years ago.

The reality for me is, when I think of the challenge phrase, I think I am kind of glad I didn’t know then what I do now.

Because then, I wouldn’t be me.

I wouldn’t be the wife I am today. I might be worse; I might be better.

I wouldn’t be the mom the girls know today. I might be better but I might not.

As a couple, we would have chosen differently if we knew then all that we do now – about jobs, about education, about where we lived. But then, we wouldn’t be as strong as we are. Everything we have gone through has strengthened us.

We treasure our girls because they are here with us. We miss the two babies we aren’t able to cuddle and love on. But having gone through losing them in pregnancy, we treasure our girls more than I can put into words. We grew so much in our trust and faith in our God through those losses. We are stronger, we see life more clearly, we treasure each day more. While painful, those were good for us in the long run. Would I love to have it different? Absolutely, but we are better for it. God walked us through those times, giving us hope and help and strength and comfort. Without Him, it would have been so lonely. But we have been able to share that hope and help and comfort with others going through the same sort of loss a number of times because of our first-hand knowledge. And we know that we will make it through because of Him.

We went through a year of unemployment, using up the savings we had so carefully stored, not knowing what was in our future. But, that year has brought us to a wonderful place where we are close to family and working and serving with a wonderful congregation of the Lord’s people. The career change that happened that year was sudden and surprising in many ways but it has been one of the best things that has happened for us. Was that year tough? Yes. We struggled through a lot of uncertainty. Did we grow? Yes. More than we would have if we had had a steady income or not had a new baby in the house. Are we better and stronger in our faith because of it? Absolutely. God guided us through that year, putting people and resources in our path that helped us. We made it through because of Him.

These are a couple of our “hard times” that people often look back on and say “if I knew then…” But really, I am glad I have gone through these times. I am a better Christian, a better wife, a better mother, a better person because of these things. So, while “if I knew then” might be something many people desire, it is not for me. God placed me in all these situations for a reason and I hope I am honoring him with the way I respond and learn from each.

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Treasure Boxes – July Blogging Challenge

Today’s challenge is “treasure boxes.”

Boxes - L2L


When I think of treasure boxes currently, I think of Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” This is the theme verse for Lads to Leaders 2016, so this is what we are working on in a number of areas. Our heads and hearts are being trained to hold the treasure that God has given to us. We are learning sign language so that we can speak to those who cannot hear. We are studying Matthew so that we know it more thoroughly. We are working on serving others. We are memorizing scripture. We are going to create scrapbooks and banners to share with others our beliefs and hope. So these “treasure boxes” are certainly the most special ones I have in my possession.


And on the more physical side of the topic, all of us girls love little boxes. You will find them all over the house. Some of them are actually not so little. My most special is the one my dad made for me and gave to me when I turned 16 – my cedar chest.

boxes - cedar chest

I have a lovely jewelry box that my husband gave me the night before our wedding, as well as one I got when I graduated and one a giggly girls gave me for mother’s day one year.

boxes - my boxes

Each girl has several special boxes, from jeweled ones to ceramic one to pretty paper boxes. Anything to make us smile and help contain the clutter.

boxes - various

But we will do our best to forever hold fast to the true treasure – our Lord and Savior.

boxes - Matthew 621

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Food, Family Fun, & Garden – July Blogging Challenge

I know how bad I have been about trying to keep up with the July Blogging Challenge. I thought I would hit three of them all at once. I’ll at least be slightly participating that way.

Favorite Food –

If you have been following me for very long, you know that anything distinctly New Mexican is my favorite. I adore anything with green chili, posole, sopapillas, and enchiladas. Fresh bell peppers, cucumbers, and avocados – more of my favorites. My mom’s chicken noodle soup or her tomato salad. My mother-in-law’s chicken paprikash or pimento cheese. Fresh peach ice cream (which I made tonight) would be a perfect end to most dinners. I know I just ate a bit ago, but this is making my mouth water!

Rough Riders entrance

Family Fun –

We love to do puzzles and play board games. We enjoy reading aloud together. We have fun going out to eat together. We even have fun shopping together – well, most of the time. Last Friday we took a fun, spontaneous trip together that was a blast! We headed up to Frisco and attended a Rough Riders baseball game. It was hot and sweaty and more expensive than we would have wished, though cheaper than a Rangers game by far. But, just the same, there were plenty of smiles and fun times throughout the game and it was lots of fun to just sit and chat and watch the game and cheer.

corn from the garden

Garden –

I refuse to show you our gardens. Sorry! They look terrible. The grass decided to be strong and vigorous this year and I am having a terrible time keeping it out of the gardens, whether the flower garden or the veggies. The early, extended rains and milder-than-normal temps have really made our lawn look nice without any work but the gardens, not so much. We’ll try again in the fall and see what we can do but, for the most part, our summer gardens were a bust. We got a dinner of corn and one side dish or green beans, a few pretty flowers are still blooming, and that is all. We’re waiting for fall now.

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July Blogging Challenge

Raindrops On Roses…

I know you finished the line. I’m still singing. That song is one of my “favorite things,” which is the prompt for yesterday’s July Blogging Challenge. I am just not a daily writer, I guess. I have all these good intentions but daily writing is just hard for me to find time to do. So, I’m combining “My Favorite Things” with “Lights, Camera, Action”. This is a two-for-one post.

My Favorite Things:

  • Simple things.
  • Smiles.
  • Laughter.
  • Beautiful flowers.
  • Rainbows to show God’s love and promise.
  • Music.
  • My husband.
  • My three giggly girls.
  • Books.
  • Good movies.
  • And I could go on and on. I am really not that hard to please and I don’t need expensive things to make my day.

Lights, Camera, Action!:

I wish I could remember to do more video. I love still shots more, though. So that is what I end up doing. I prefer to try to capture single moments.

I remember thinking that I would never give up my new 35mm with the various lenses that we spent a lot of money on. It was obsolete before our first daughter was one and I still hadn’t learned how to use many of the settings. We tried to find film for it a while back but the cost of the film combined with the cost of developing . . . well, it was cheaper to buy another camera!

We went digital with some gift money when our second daughter was born. That was a great little camera. Worked until we took it to the beach when our third daughter was one. Sand in the lens meant it wouldn’t focus or zoom. So, we got a second one.

Not long ago, we got a phone that had a camera in it. One that I actually trust to take pictures with.

We are behind the curve but we aren’t forsaking the new technology all together. Just waiting until it costs less than an arm and a leg.

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Bucket List

I have missed several days of the July Blogging Challenge. It just didn’t fit in with spending time with family and the organizing of girls’ rooms that has been going on. (Today we are lifting two beds into loft beds, adding some shelving in one, and getting rid of the piles of outgrown toys we have put in the hallway!)

Today’s challenge is to share your bucket list OR the coolest thing you have done. I’m going to tackle the bucket list.

  • see the International Balloon Fiesta
  • visit NY with my husband
  • visit several national parks with the family
  • have a successful garden
  • read the Bible through over and over
  • join the community band again
  • visit Alaska
  • visit Hawaii
  • visit Europe

We are hopeful about the Balloon Fiesta soon. We have a garden in but this is not the year it will be called successful. I am currently reading my Bible daily and am on a second read through of it. I am hoping the community band thing will happen in the next year or two with the girls getting older.

Not too bad for checking things off the bucket list, I guess. What does your bucket list includes?

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Recipe – July Blogging Challenge

avocado and tomato side dishToday’s challenge word is “recipe.” I have a favorite recipe that I have been trying to find a perfect time to share with you. I think today is the day.

Do you like avocados? Do you like tomatoes? Do you like olive oil? That is all you need. Dice your avocado. Dice your tomato or cut grape tomatoes in half. Drizzle with olive oil. Serve and enjoy.

My favorite olive oil is Heart of Texas Olive Oil Company. They make several variations but I adore their lime infused olive oil. That is what I use for this recipe. I am the only one who likes this in our family so when I make it, I get to eat it all. Unless we have company. My mother-in-law is the one who introduced me to this dish and this olive oil and I am so thankful! This is a great main dish for lunch. Enjoy!

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