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Texas Bucket List – Flowers ~ Blogging Through The Alphabet


Texas is beautiful in the spring and summer. There are flowers everywhere. Well, until the heat hits. Then there are still plenty of flowers, just not quite the same covering of them as springtime.

Indian Paintbrushes
Indian Blankets
Mexican Hats
. . . and the list goes on.

Here is a list of many of the wildflowers found in Texas.

The Texas landscape is well know for the carpeting of bluebonnets that happens every spring. Some years, they are thicker and brighter than others but they appear each year. Their bright blue and white brings smiles to everyone and bring out the inner photographer of parents. I doubt there are many children growing up in Texas that don’t have their pictures taken each spring in a patch of bluebonnets. In fact, my children actually insist even before I do that we have to take an annual bluebonnet picture.

F flowers

Mixed within those bluebonnets, you almost always find Indian Paintbrushes. I grew up with Indian Paintbrushes in New Mexico so it was surprising to me to find that they are almost in a symbiotic relationship with bluebonnets. I don’t know what it is but they are always found together. Even in places I know have been seeded with bluebonnets, you find an Indian Paintbrush or two.

Primroses are so pretty. They come up behind our house in our little ditch. We also used to have a gorgeous thick area of Indian Blankets but they were mowed down by the HOA before the seeded one year and so they no longer grow there. I have tried to seed them but without luck so far.

Do you know who Lady Bird Johnson is? She was the First Lady and one of her passions was wildflowers and beautification. She worked hard to make the nation beautiful and it has become her legacy. Check out some of the resources regarding Lady Bird Johnson.

Biography Channel video and article about Lady Bird
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
First Lady Biography on Lady Bird Johnson
PBS article on the beautification campaign

A couple of years ago, we visited a wildflower farm down in the Texas Hill Country area. Even though it was mid-June and the heat was hitting, there were still plenty of lovely flowers to enjoy. It was interesting to see acres and acres of flowers and know that they were making it possible for the flowers to continue across the years. We picked up some seeds at their store, too.

Wildflowers make people smile and it always makes me sad when they get cut down before they have a chance to seed. Yes, the plant gets kind of ugly in the seeding process but the seeds will allow the beauty to continue in the coming years. So, please, don’t cut them down before they have seeded! And we will all enjoy the beautification that Lady Bird worked so hard towards for many years to come.

At Home.

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Jesus Paid It All (Gone Is All My Debt of Sin)

To continue my plan of sharing a hymn with you each Sunday, I am borrowing from our preacher’s lesson tonight at worship. It just hit me and worked together with thoughts I was already pondering.

This evening’s lesson at church was based on Romans 12:1-2 and a short story titled “Hope for the Flowers.” The emphasis in both is on change, not comforming to the world around us, and searching, testing, and being a part of God’s perfect will.

Romans 121-2

The story’s main character was a caterpillar who knew there was more to life than what he was experiencing so he went searching. One thing he found during his search was a lot of hardship and trial. He also found a friend with whom he was happy. When his friend figured out that you had to “die” to this life to become your full, better self that God planned, she tried hard to share that with her friend. He had to figure out first, though, that change was necessary. He did this, made a great change within, and emerged a better self. There are quite a few lessons in this story for our lives and allowing the change to happen, even seeking that change that God desires for each of us.

We spent an hour outside one day looking at our surrounding. What we found were many caterpillars, searching for something, though we didn't know what. Maybe they were searching for the

We spent an hour outside one day looking at our surrounding. What we found were many caterpillars, searching for something, though we didn’t know what. Maybe they were searching for the “great change within.”

In light of that change, the metamorphosis we have to choose to be God’s and to accept the gift he is offering, I am also going to use the hymn that Mr. Ernie shared during the lesson that deals with changing who we are to be who God designed us to be. It just touched a chord in my heart. I hope he doesn’t mind.

Jesus Paid It All


Lyrics: M. S. Shaffer (1917)
Music: Samuel W. Beazley (1917)

Gone is all my debt of sin,
A great change is wrought within,
And to live I now begin,
Risen from the fall;
Yet the debt I did not pay—
Someone died for me one day,
Sweeping all the debt away—
Jesus paid it all.

Jesus died and paid it all, yes,
On the cross of Calvary, Oh
And my stony heart was melted
At His dying, dying call;
Oh, His heart in shame was broken
On the tree for you and me, yes,
And the debt, the debt is canceled,
Jesus paid it, paid it all.

Oh, I hope to please Him now,
Light of joy is on my brow,
As at His dear feet I bow,
Safe within His love.
Making His the debt I owed,
Freedom true He has bestowed;
So I’m singing on the road
To my home above.


Sinner, not for me alone
Did the Son of God atone;
Your debt, too, He made His own,
On the cruel tree.
Come to Him with all your sin;
Be as white as snow within;
Full salvation you may win
And rejoice with me.


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