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A Reading Plan for 2021

The first challenge for the year from the Homeschool Review Crew is about reading goals for the adult(s) of the homeschool. We often make plans or goals for our children, especially when it is built into great curriculum like From Adam to Us (what my 6th grader is completing) or Sharon Watson’s high school literature courses. But what about you? Do you have goals?

I am not a huge fan of making a specific list and working through it. The reason is that my moods and ideas change as I grow through the year. Also, sometimes I want something challenging but other times I want something light and easy to read. So, what is my goal going to be?

I think I will keep it the same as it has been for the last couple of year. Read. Challenge myself some. Read the Bible daily. Read good Bible studies. Read biographies. Read some titles that I “should have read;” also known as classics. 🙂 Read some tough things. Read some light things. But mostly, read.

I like to track what I have completed (or bombed out in the middle of) in my school planner. I just jot the title of the book down at the top of my monthly page. I use a color of ink that I like and that is how my tracking works. Simple. Easy. No stress but I see it often enough that if I get off track and quit reading, I’ll get myself back on track.

So, do you have a goal this year? If so, great. If not, I encourage you to make a simple one that will keep you growing and reading.

Lori, At Home.

What I Read – October 2017

What I Read October 2017

Almost a month behind in posting this. Man! Time has flown this month! Anyhow, here’s the list. Maybe something will spark an interest for holiday gift giving or holiday reading. Don’t forget to leave me a comment with something you are reading. I may want to read it, too.

Read Alouds with the Girls –

Circus Mirandus – I did this one a few months ago for the Book Club and loved it. I used it during October with the girls as a read aloud. They enjoyed it a lot. Definitely a recommend.

Dr. Oma – I checked this one out of the library to read for myself because I thought it looked interesting. One of the girls thought it looked interesting, too, and asked for it to be the read aloud after we finished Circus Mirandus. More about this book below.

For Myself –

My Lucky Life by Dick Van Dyke – After reading Keep Moving for the Book Club, I looked for another book by Mr. Van Dyke. He was such a fun author to read. This was just another look at his life and how he viewed everything he went through and his family experienced. It is a great, fun book on how the business worked for him and how his views of family and work kept him grounded and moving forward. Nice to read such good things about the business of entertainment. And he’s just funny!

A Charm of Goldfinches by Matt Sewell- This is one I wrote a review on so you can read about it in depth in that post. It is a fun, easy-to-read book about the fun and funky collective nouns used in the animal kingdom. And, it has beautiful paintings to accompany each one. Lovely and simple.

A Train of Thought by Terry Beck – This one I found out about from A Net In Time and her review of it. It sounded really interesting to me because railroading is family history for us. It was just as interesting and enjoyable to read as I had hoped. It is a memoir written by a man who worked on the railroad for his entire career, though it didn’t start out as what he planned. His memories of the joys and struggles, time with family and apart from family, the job, the trains, and more – they were so pleasant to read and made me wonder how much of that my grandfather could relate to. Railroading is interesting and these memoirs were a joy to read. I am thinking I may look up another book of his if I can find it.

Chosen Daughters Series –

  • Against the Tide: the valor of Margaret Wilson by Hope Irvin Marston
  • A Cup of Cold Water: the compassion of nurse Edith Cavell by Christine Farenhorst
  • Dr. Oma: the healing wisdom of Countess Juliana von Stolberg by Ethel L. Herr
  • Wings Like A Dove: the courage of Queen Jeanee d-Albret by Christine Farenhorst

This series is about young women who learned God’s will for them and faced it without turning back, even when death was on the line. It is a good series to show young girls that strength can be found in God and that following Him is not always safe and easy, yet it is what is right and best. The time frames vary, which is one of the things that makes this series interesting. They are easy to read and found in the juvenile fiction section.

Well, that’s all I wrote down for October. Not a huge list but not small, either. A good month overall with some interesting things. Definitely a nice variety of stories.

At Home.

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