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Winter – Online Book Club

The Online Book Club is enjoying books on Winter this month. I love the stories of winter from Laura Ingalls Wilder. We watched a documentary on her a week or so ago and it was lovely (just move on past where they read some current day issues into what was culturally correct for Laura). It made me want to pull out stories by her that reflect the idea or the time frame of winter. So, I’m going to be doing that. Obviously, The Long Winter must be read. 🙂

I also pulled out Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Family Collection to look through. I also grabbed the cookbook that Melissa Gilbert created that has some great memoirs of hers regarding playing Laura on the TV series. The other book for this that I picked up was by Rose Wilder Lane and is her Young Pioneers.

I am a fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her writings, as well as writing about her. I have a good collection that I enjoy going back to once in a while so I am glad to share her writing with this theme.

Be sure to visit the other members of the Online Book Club to see what they are doing this month for the theme of Winter.

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