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Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah ~ Blogging Through the Alphabet

Z Zipadeedoodah

Are you looking for a good day? Are you having a good day? Are you looking for a smile? This is the song that pops into my head.

Have a wonderful day!

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Your Will, God – Blogging Through the Alphabet

Y Your Will God

“Your will, God. Not mine. I want to follow your will.”

Some days that statement is easy. When I am walking a slightly sloping path, either up or down, it is easy to say to God “You will be done.” When the girls get along. When the news is good. When there are holidays, and fireworks, and parties, and family.

But, what about when that path is steep, rugged, harsh? Do we still say the same?

The answer should be yes but how much harder that yes is to say!

And what about when it is not me, myself, that is having to follow that steep, rugged, or harsh path? How do you pray that for others’ paths?

Maybe it is followed by “and please help me to accept Your will with grace and dignity.” Because really, how do you accept the diagnosis of leukemia for a 3 year old child that is so very precious? Or the fact that a 15 year old is facing medical procedures in an attempt to save his life, give him a quality of life that has been missing for years, yet he might not come out of it alive? Or face the reality of life after an accident? What about a future without your spouse, your other half? What about the children who have to move forward without their mom or their dad? Or any number of other scenarios that we don’t want to face or even think about?

I think one of my Bible class students hit it on the head tonight when he prayed “please let us accept the answer you give with grace, knowing that complete healing will come through you.”

Yes. Let us accept Your will, God, with peace, with grace, and with the hope that comes only through you. We will continue on in the begging place, knowing that You hear our prayers and that You do answer, according to Your will. We pray for complete healing for those we love but we pray for Your will to be done and the grace to accept that will peacefully.

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eXercise and eXcitement – Blogging Through the Alphabet

X exercise excitement

I was just going through some pictures from a couple of weeks ago and found these images of the girls playing on the tires playground at a local park. They made me smile so I thought I would share them as a reminder to us all that we are never too old to have some fun. Often people seem to think that once a kid hits about 10 or 12 they don’t want to play at the playground anymore. My girls all get excited about heading out to a playground (providing it isn’t too hot!) and getting some exercise.

X tire playground


X tire exercise

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Wits & Wagers (Family) ~ Blogging Through the Alphabet

W Wits & Wagers

We are all the way down to letter W in Blogging Through the Alphabet!

Recently, the girls’ grandparents were here for a few days and we pulled out some games to play. Wits & Wagers Family was pulled out and, oh, we had so much fun!

W Wits and Wagers

If you like trivia yet don’t ever remember all the specifics, Wits & Wagers is for you!

Each person gets a dry erase board, a marker, and a couple of voting characters. The big meeple is a vote worth 2 points and the small one is worth 1 point, if you place them on the winning guess.

W Wits & Wagers pieces

For each round, a person reads a question off a card. These are random! One of ours was “Are there more cows or more people in America?”W Wits & Wagers Miss L writing guess

Each person then writes down their guess. All guesses are numeric in form. After everyone writes their guess down, they are put in numeric order. Each person then W Wits & Wagers guessingmakes their vote for which guess they think is closest without going over. You can vote both your meeples on one card or on different cards. Then the answer is read and the right guess is determined. Points are awards for correctly voting and for writing the winning guess.

Then on to the next random question.

We had tons of fun with this. Up to six people can play. The more people we had playing, the more laughter we experienced. This is a fun one if you are looking for a new game for the family.

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Visiting Texas Rangers – Blogging Through The Alphabet

V Visiting the Texas Rangers

I really like to visit museums. I really enjoy it. If I could visit museums and historical sites every single day, I’d be thrilled. So, when my mom was visiting and mentioned that she wanted to visit the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, I was excited.

V Texas Ranger Museum

We headed over to the museum and enjoyed reading the historical markers that are out front. We would have appreciated less heat but the markers were interesting.

V Visiting the Ranger Museum

Then we went inside. The girls really surprised me, which was a nice thing! They were given scavenger hunts at the desk and they were excited to find the answers. They hunted down every answer, reading an awful lot of information in order to find the answers. I loved that they did it with energy and enthusiasm.

V Ranger scavenger hunt

We also watched a fairly lengthy documentary on the history of the Texas Rangers and how they have been viewed throughout their history. From the wild west through wars, government and society changes, their place in law enforcement has changed and evolved with the world around them.

We learned about cattle rustlers, Bonnie and Clyde, wire cutters, and border skirmishes. We learned about the Rangers’ places in Texas history and how they helped, and sometimes hindered, progress. It was interesting.

V Ranger artifacts

One of the biggest surprises for me – how much the girls enjoyed looking at all the weaponry and reading about it. Weapons are a big part of the museum displays and that was really interesting. There are even a couple of pistols that you can lift to feel just how heavy they are (almost 5 lbs!). Another big part were displays related to different Rangers of specific importance. One of the girls commented on how interesting those displays were.

This was a fun learning experience that taught me to look forward to these expeditions because I never know when I will be surprised. The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is definitely a place worth visiting if you have the chance.

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Under the Lights – Blogging Through The Alphabet

U under the lights

Yes, this post is a week late. You see, last week was recital week for us; dance recital this time. A much bigger production than the violin recital. But this also represented a year’s worth of dedicated, hard work and practice.

Each year, the dance studio puts on a full scale, professional recital. We have extra rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and, finally, two days of the final product – recital. This year’s theme was Choose Joy. It was spectacular and joyful.

While I don’t like some of the songs and dances chosen and performed (I am still not convinced the hip hop is a form of music OR dance), I can appreciate the dedication and hard work put into those performances.

The toe shoe numbers – lovely! The tap – amazing! From 3 year olds up to those graduating from high school this year, everyone worked hard. Hundreds of students performed.

U Choose Joy recital 2017

Miss E has become a wonderful tap dancer. This is her favorite discipline but please note, it is hard to work to have overcome the fact that this is also the discipline that made her quit dance for a while. She is now a terrific tap dancer.

Miss L really enjoys both ballet and jazz, though ballet is her favorite. She works daily to continue to get better and she is the child that truly dances ev-ery-where. She dances so much that it wears me out but she loves it! And she is getting more graceful all the time.

Miss J participates in ballet, tap, and jazz. She doesn’t really have a favorite yet but I am sure one will appear at some point. She enjoys all of them and her ability to make friends and smile is a joy to see.

U Recital sisters 2017

So, we have a short break from dance practices during the summer and then we will go back to it. Dance is a joy. Choose Joy!

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The Cutest Travel Book

T Travel Book
I am cheating a little bit today so that I can use Travel Book for my letter T in the Blogging Through the Alphabet series. But I have to tell you about this darling book! I am currently planning a trip to England now because of this book! Seriously – I would go tomorrow and I just finished the book today.

Traveling is a dream. I like to do it but I don’t like to plan it. This book, well, basically plans my trip for me. Of course, that is not her purpose, but it works for me. 🙂
T Travel Book cover

A Fine Romance: Falling in love with the English Countryside by Susan Branch is her diary of a 2012 trip she took with her husband to England. She talks about where the dream originated and then goes through their two month trip (yea – 2 whole months!) through all the dreamy places in England that I would want to go.

The visit begins on the voyage over, aboard the Queen Mary 2. They visit Tenterden in Kent, Aylesbury, London, Wirksworth in the Peak District, Ambleside in the Lake Distict, the Yorkshire Dales, The Cotswolds, Bibury, Tetbury, Chawton in Hapshire. They visit the homes of Beatrix Potter, Ellen Terry (actress), Vanessa Bell (sister of Virginia Woolf), Rudyard Kipling, Vita Sackville-West (author), Jane Austen, and so much more. There were stunning gardens galore. Beautiful footpaths that led through breathtaking views. And plenty of foods to experience.

While all of these diary entries are unique and fun and interesting, the pages have been illustrated in watercolors done by the author herself. They are beautiful! Words cannot describe. This is a stunning beautiful book. I have spent quite a bit of time just looking at how lovely each page is. The watercolors, sketches, and photographs are a story in and of themselves.

T Travel book page

I cannot forget to tell you about the quotes. Throughout the book, Mrs. Branch puts quotes from various authors and other people that fit in well with the place they visit or the idea she is expressing in her writing. They are often hand-lettered and add such whimsy and character to the book. Just another part of what makes this book such a joy.

Add it all together and this is a “not to be missed” kind of book. I am kind of sad that I have to return it to the library because it is so pretty and so interesting. But, I am keeping track of the title and if I ever get the chance to spend some time just wandering the English countryside, this  book – A Fine Romance: Falling in love with the English Countryside by Susan Branch – will be my guidebook.

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