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Bible Bowl Study – Job


The book of Job in the Old Testament is one of the books that I think lots of folks shy away from. And I understand that. When we first found out that Job was part of our Bible Bowl material this year, I’ll admit to a bit of fear.

“How am I going to help my girls understand Job?”

“How am I going to help the younger Bible bowl students understand Job?”

“What in the world are activities that can help us all understand Job?”

Job is a person that we intentionally study a bit in our bible curriculum in church. It is one reason we like Bible Study Guide for All Ages – it doesn’t shy away from hard stories and it covers all of the Bible in four years for all ages. Still, I have been looking for material on Job for a while for Bible classes so I knew what was – or wasn’t – out there.

Because it can seem overwhelming to study a character with youngsters that we don’t truly understand ourselves, I thought I would share with you some of the materials I found and some of the activities we are using.

(none of these are affiliate links; they are being shared to make it easier for your to find these materials if you are interested)

What’s In The Bible Vol 8 – covers what they title The Writings and includes Job. We call these books the books of poetry but it was easy enough for the students to see that a different name doesn’t change the content or where it is found in the Bible. This is a fun series featuring puppets and lots of laughters. We always expand upon and make sure the kids understand truth after watching something from this series but I have not found anything that teaches wrongly, they often just don’t expound upon something to that point that makes it fully what the Bible teaches.


Kid’s Korner (BibleWise.com)- We found a play about Job. We pulled out puppets and the students read through the play. It is not straight out of the Bible and thus is really just a simple overview. But, it is written kind of funny and it helps the kids get the big ideas from the story in their heads.

job-materialsBook: A Patient Man from Uz by Kyle Butt – This story in rhyme goes all the way through the story of Job. It isn’t fancy and it skips quite a bit of the repetitive parts of the book of Job. However, it does a wonderful job of going through the story and hitting the high points.

Bible Road Trip Year Two covers the book of Job. We are using some things from it. Danika Cooley did a wonderful job with the program. We are also using a number of resources that she lists in that program, including The Baker Illustrated Bible, 365 Great Bible Stories, and Encountering the Old Testament. Each of these resources has a section on Job.

Book: God’s Servant Job by Douglas Bond – Another children’s book that I have been using to just help the students get the overall story into their head.

Book: Tried and True Job from Arch Books – We have many of the Arch Books series in our church library. They have a good approach to difficult Bible passages and this is just another of those that we like.

job-storyI also really like this overview video. We have used some of the others they do for Ruth and Esther. Here is the video for Job.

The last thing I want to share with you is HOW I work with these kiddos. They are a fantastic group of children but they are children. That means they are restless when we have a 3 hour block scheduled. Even 2 hours is tough. So, I let them move. If we need to do something at the table, I let them get up and hop, skip, jump, or run every ten minutes. I use our Break Bucket from home often.

We have sets of questions we work with that are provided by the Lads to Leaders program. We do all sorts of active things. It helps the kids remember and understand when they are moving and answering. For example, last weekend I took the kiddos outside and for each correct answer they got (really, we only work with right answers; if I don’t think they know the right answer, we just repeat rather than chance a wrong answer getting stuck in our heads) they could take three steps along the white lines in the parking lot. Another movement we did was to jump up and down, off and on the parking blocks. Nothing fancy. Took no work from me but the kids really enjoyed it and came away with a better understanding of Job.


Movement, rhyme, puppets, videos – anything I can do to help the kids strengthen their knowledge of the Bible. That is the goal of Bible Bowl.

Know God More.

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L2L – Middle School (not) Monday

We have a program at our church that we have been participating in for about a year now. Lads to Leaders (L2L) is a program that is designed to help guide children in growth in the Lord. It encompasses a number of activities and opportunities while encouraging participants to grow.

Activities the girls have worked on this past year:Lads to Leaders Bible education

  • Designing and putting up bulletin boards
  • Leading singing for ladies’ classes and at home
  • Reading scripture for ladies’ classes, children’s classes and at home
  • Participating in service projects
  • Learning the books of the Bible
  • Memorizing scripture
  • Learning how to be a homemaker
  • Creating a scrapbook to document the spiritual activities of the church
  • Creating a banner to share at convention
  • Bible Bowl – focus on the book of Matthew
  • Learning sign language and how to sign scripture and song

These are the majority of activities the girls signed up for and participated in. The convention is coming up on Easter weekend. We will be going to the convention held in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and celebrating the hard work of more than a thousand others who have spent the last year working hard to grow in the Lord.

Our family has become pretty highly invested in this program because we have seen the potential for the girls’ spiritual growth through these activities. Many of these encourage the girls to learn how to share the Good News with others and teach truth from God’s word and God’s word only.

We count L2L activities as schoolwork, which is why I am sharing it under the Middle School Monday posts.

Do your children participate in anything that helps their spiritual growth? Please share about it in the comments. I’d enjoy knowing.

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Memory Work Bulletin Board

Color of God's Word boardAll three of our girls are participating in Lads to Leaders. One of the activities that E is working on is Year-Round Bulletin Board. Bulletin board ideas can be hard to find so I thought I would share some of the ones that she has completed. She just completed a bulletin board for the 4th and 5th grade classroom at church. It was based on the charts that I found to keep track of the memory work the students are doing. E took that and designed the board. Here is her completed bulletin board. What you cannot see is that all around the room, she also put up all of the written out memory verses to go along with the scripture citations on the bulletin board. It is a bright and cheerful addition to our classroom.

Color of God's Word


Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?

The hymn that I have chosen today has a couple of different focuses.

First, it is beautiful and reminds me that I have a cross to bear. I need to “take up my cross and follow” Jesus. (Matthew 16:24) I hope I do so cheerfully, at least most of the time. I hope that I am an example for others to do the same. I am prayerful that God is guiding my bearing of the cross that my girls will learn to do so as well, in accordance with God’s will.

Second, we are studying Matthew in depth as part of our Lads to Leaders training. Anything that helps touch on Matthew during the next few months will be a welcome addition to our study, especially music.

Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone

Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?

words: Thomas Shepherd (w. 1693)
music: George N. Allen (w. 1844)

1: Must Jesus bear the cross alone,
And all the world go free?
No, there’s a cross for every one,
And there’s a cross for me.

2. The consecrated cross I’ll bear
Till He shall set me free.
And then go home my crown to wear,
For there’s a crown for me.

3. O precious cross! O glorious crown!
O resurrection day!
Ye angels from the stars, come down
And bear my soul away.

May you have a wonderful week.

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Treasure Boxes – July Blogging Challenge

Today’s challenge is “treasure boxes.”

Boxes - L2L


When I think of treasure boxes currently, I think of Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” This is the theme verse for Lads to Leaders 2016, so this is what we are working on in a number of areas. Our heads and hearts are being trained to hold the treasure that God has given to us. We are learning sign language so that we can speak to those who cannot hear. We are studying Matthew so that we know it more thoroughly. We are working on serving others. We are memorizing scripture. We are going to create scrapbooks and banners to share with others our beliefs and hope. So these “treasure boxes” are certainly the most special ones I have in my possession.


And on the more physical side of the topic, all of us girls love little boxes. You will find them all over the house. Some of them are actually not so little. My most special is the one my dad made for me and gave to me when I turned 16 – my cedar chest.

boxes - cedar chest

I have a lovely jewelry box that my husband gave me the night before our wedding, as well as one I got when I graduated and one a giggly girls gave me for mother’s day one year.

boxes - my boxes

Each girl has several special boxes, from jeweled ones to ceramic one to pretty paper boxes. Anything to make us smile and help contain the clutter.

boxes - various

But we will do our best to forever hold fast to the true treasure – our Lord and Savior.

boxes - Matthew 621

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