‘Tis Set, The Feast Divine ~ hymn

Tis Set The Feast Divine hymn

At Home Dad led the singing this morning at worship and he chose another hymn that I was not familiar with to sing prior to sharing communion. This hymn is by L. O. Sanderson and Vana R. Raye. It is a beautiful melody with words that really focused in on the Lord’s Supper which we were about to eat. It is not long but the focus is sharp.

Matthew 26:26-29, Mark 14:22-25, and Luke 22:17-23 all give account of Jesus eating the Passover feast with His disciples. During this, He gave them instruction to remember Him through the eating of the bread and the drinking of the fruit of the vine until He returns. Paul reiterated these instructions in I Corinthians 11.

Jesus gave his life so that we may have life. He commanded us to continue to remember this by sharing this memorial feast each week together. This hymn helps us to focus on the pieces of that feast – the bread representing his body on the cross and the fruit of the vine representing his blood. His death is what we should focus on so that we see the sacrifice given in our place.

And that is followed by the resurrection of Jesus which replaced death with life and sin with holiness. Jesus’ sacrifice is remembered each week by those of His church and this hymn give great focus to that memorial feast.

‘Tis Set, The Feast Divine

lyrics: Vana R. Raye
music: S.O. Sanderson

1. ‘Tis set, the feast divine –
The bread, the fruit of the vine –
And saints commune before the shrine,
In the supper of the Lord.

2. May we the Lord discern,
His death our holy concern;
We feast in faith, His coming yearn,
In the supper of the Lord.

Lori, At Home.

New Mexico Bucket List – D ~ Blogging Through The Alphabet

Blogging Through The Alphabet D vertical image

I have two wildly different options for you today – desert petroglyphs and duck races. Something old and something new. Your choice. Or maybe you’d like to do both. Isn’t it fun to have choices?

Desert Petroglyphs

Petroglyphs are rock art. This is created by carving the rock face to reveal the lighter colored rock below the surface. This chipping away creates the images that we can see today. Petroglyphs are different than pictographs. Pictographs are created by painting the surface rather than the chipping and carving that is used to create the petroglyphs.

There are actually a few places in the New Mexico deserts where you can find petroglyphs. Three Rivers is the first place that comes to mind for me because it is not too far from my childhood home. The petroglyphs at Three Rivers date back to between 900 and 1400 AD. They were created by Jornada Mogollon peoples. There are over 21,000 glyphs scattered around the area, which is about 50 acres. There are trails that allow you close access to the petroglyphs and also take you to a partially excavated village site. Three Rivers is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. This site is located in the south-central part of New Mexico, between Carrizozo and Tularosa/Alamogordo.

Petroglyph National Monument is another site in New Mexico where you can see rock art carved by Native Americans and Spanish settlers to the area 400 to 700 years ago. This monument protects one of the largest petroglyph areas in North America. You can find information on the pstroglyphs at the visitor center and then hike through different trails to get to the glyphs. There are an estimated 25,000 petroglyphs in the monument’s boundaries. It is believed that 90% of these were created by Puebloan peoples. This monument is located very near Albuquerque.

Duck Races

Yes, you read that right – duck races. The city of Deming, NM, holds an annual festival for the Great American Duck Race. Each year the festival bring ducks together to race on both wet and dry tracks. Check out this short video I found.

The Great American Duck Race runs for one weekend each August, Friday through Sunday. It seems to bring out the whole community. Many people wrangle their ducks for about six months prior to the race, from the time they are ducklings. From a parade to hot air balloons to craft vendors and entertainment, this is a weekend highlighted by the swimming and running ducks.

D Duck Race image

I am sure there are plenty of other things in New Mexico for the letter D but these are ones that I think are fun, interesting, and unique. Enjoy.

Lori, At Home.

Blogging Through The Alphabet D big

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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. ~ a Crew review

ARTistic Pursuits art instruction

The youngest of the giggly girls adores creating works of art and so when the opportunity came up to review one of the K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8 series from a beloved vendor – ARTistic Pursuits Inc. – she was very excited.

We were given the option to choose which of the eight levels we were most interested in. Volume 1 gives a solid art foundation with vocabulary and techniques and then volumes 2-8 go through the different historical periods in chronological order.

  • Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary, K-3 Vol. 1
  • Art of the Ancients, K-3 Vol. 2
  • Art of the Middle Ages, K-3 Vol. 3
  • Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance, K-3 Vol. 4
  • Art of the Northern Countries, Renaissance to Realism, K-3 Vol. 5
  • Art of the Impressionists, K-3 Vol. 6
  • Art of the Modern Age, K-3 Vol. 7
  • Art in America, K-3 Vol. 8

Each of the volumes 2 – 8 also focus on a different medium. For example, we have been using volume 8 which focuses on techniques using graphite pencils and colored pencils. Other volumes work with chalk, clay, textiles, collage, sculpting, watercolor, and printmaking, to name just a few of the mediums and techniques this series addresses.

On the ARTistic Pursuits website, you will find an image that shows each of the volumes side-by-side. It puts the volume number, the title, the time period, and the art materials emphasis from the book in an easy to compare chart. There is also a sample video lesson for you to watch.

While the level of this series is listed at K-3, I have found that it is also a solid series for those a bit older because it is working on techniques. Each volume comes with a two discs – a DVD and a Blue-ray – that have video lessons. These lessons come up every few in the book and are clearly marked. This is the only place where an older student might feel like the series is below them as the videos are clearly made for students on the younger end of elementary ages. As I said though, there are so many good techniques and ideas taught, that this is a solid series for those a bit older who would benefit from this.

art video lesson

The beauty of the video lessons is that it is shown clearly how to use the materials. When discussing dark and light, the instruction is on a drawing a mountain goat and the darker and lighter portions are discussed on the video. Also, in talking about how to sharpen colored pencils, there is a visual to look at as the audio explains that there is wax in colored pencils and so after you have sharpened one or two, the sharpener doesn’t work as well. You need to sharpen your graphite pencil in between colored pencils so that the wax build-up on the blades is removed. I have gone 40+ years without knowing that, thinking I just wasn’t pressing the colored pencils into the sharpener hard enough. Yet, one minute in video lessons from Art in America, K-3 Vol. 8 got me information that has made a world of difference when using colored pencils!

So, why did we choose Art in America, K-3 Vol. 8? We have been studying American history this year and so I felt this volume would work well with our history studies. We are moving faster through the art book than the history periods but we are learning a lot and are able to correlate some of the artist studies with things we have studied or are going to study. One of the pieces of art work featured in the book is A Boy with a Flying Squirrel (Henry Pelham), 1765 by John Singleton Copley. The information that accompanies this artwork helps us see yet another way that some colonists showed their wealth, as portraits were for the wealthy in the American colonies. And in studying what he is wearing and what is around him, we see more of that wealth. This fell right in with some of the discussions we had about wealth vs poverty in the American colonies, especially after visiting Colonial Williamburg. We could imagine this piece of artwork hanging in the mansions we visited but no so much in the smaller homes and boarding houses. This is just one example of how this fits so well. The project to go along with this was for the student to create a portrait. So, I sat for a while as she drew me working.

artwork 4

All of the volumes in this series focus on a time period and a part of the world so I imagine all of them will fit in nicely with a historical study. I am thinking we will be studying world history next year so I may be getting the other volumes to accompany that study.

Another way this series is fabulous is that it is very adaptable to your schedule and your needs. We have been doing between 1 and 2 lessons a week. They are easy to do and, in our volume, we can take them with us easily if we are schooling away from home for some reason. We did more than one lesson at the dance studio, including one that looked at shape. She drew the shape of the windows on the building.

artwork 8

Each lesson includes a title and a listing of which lesson it is. Also, if it is a video lesson, it is stated at the top of the page. Then, there is a box under the title that lists the needed materials for the lesson so they can be gathered prior to starting the lesson.

The video lessons require watching the video to get the instruction on how to use the materials and how the assignment will work. Then, there is a recap in the book for the video lesson.

The written lessons begin with prep notes that the teacher might need to help get set up or grab, such as a photograph to work from or a plant to draw. They might need to take a walk outside or have you sit for your portrait. There is then a short study of an artist. We have read about Rembrandt Peale, John James Audubon, and have upcoming artist like Charles Demuth and Charles Burchfield. Next, there is a piece of artwork created by the artist and information about the piece. The pieces are reproduced in the book in full color. There are also questions for each piece to help the student really think about and focus on the piece.

After studying the artwork that illustrates the ideas of the lesson, the student has the lesson written out. Here is their list of materials in the written lesson, as well as what they are to do. There are examples of the steps drawn in the book and an example of student piece for that assignment. Then the student does their own piece.

In volume 8, their work includes light and dark

artwork 7

lines (drawing a favorite stuffed animal)

artwork 5


artwork 6

shape and details

artwork 3

or adding color.

artwork 1

One thing that I have always liked about ARTistic Pursuits is that they leave a lot of the decision making up to the student when it comes to exactly what the student’s artwork will feature. They give the assignment such as drawing strong lines but allow the student to choose what object they will draw. This allows the student to have choice and say in what their artwork will be about. This personalizes their work and helps create a connection to the piece.

Art in America, K-3 Vol. 8 works on techniques with graphite pencils and colored pencils. This includes creating lines, color, light and dark, shadow, layering color, and so much more. The 18 lessons cover a lot. At the end of the book, there is a list of the objectives for each of the 18 lessons. And at the end of the each lesson, the piece of artwork is something for the student to be proud about.

artwork 2

We were able to review Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary, K-3 Vol. 1 last year. It was as enjoyable as volume 8 has been. The videos and the book work the same way in both volumes, though the first volume focuses on building vocabulary and multiple techniques rather than on a time period and a narrowed focus on materials. It was a good, solid foundation for the other volumes. I had some reservations after using just volume 1 last time. Having used another volume, I find I have grown to like the format and the focus on a time period. I feel like I understand the series as a whole better now and like that it starts with the foundation and then narrows focus. It is quite a monetary commitment to get the entire series but I do feel like the materials is quite well done and really adds quite a bit to our history study this year.

Miss J’s Opinion:

All of the lessons are very good. I like the book. I like that it is art and I think others would like that, too. I learned how to draw things more like they look, such as a circle light hanging.

Okay, so she didn’t have much to say this morning about the book but it is one of the first lessons she asks about each day. I think it is fair to say that she really likes this book and is more than happy to keep creating art with Art in America, K-3 Vol. 8, part of the series K-3rd Grade Level, Volumes 1-8 from ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

Lori, At Home.

The Homeschool Review Crew families have been using all eight volumes from this series. Be sure to visit the Crew blog to read the reviews of other families using the other volumes. Just click the banner below.



New Mexico Bucket List – C ~ Blogging Through The Alphabet

Blogging Through The Alphabet C image

Challenging is not even how to describe this letter! I have too many things to share so I either share them all without giving all the good details or I skip a place or two. What to do . . . what to do . . .

Okay – I’m sharing them all!

Carlsbad vacation 2013

Carlsbad Caverns is where I will start since I have a long memory of the caverns and all of the memories are good ones. Also, I have shared a couple of different times here on the blog about the caverns so I’ll link those and not be too wordy about it. But, I do want to share what a wonderful place the caverns are to visit. Even if you can’t do the whole walking tour, if you can only visit the Big Room, it is worth the stop. The caverns are amazing. God’s work on the formations through the drips and drops of water are stunning. I enjoy looking back on the pictures we have taken and remembering the awe in the girls’ voices. Even remembering back to when I was little and I can remember the amazement of the caverns.Carlsbad vacation 2013

The caverns are amazing to visit. The size will cause big eyes and amazed voices in almost anyone. The long trail from the natural mouth of the caverns down into the dark and through it all truly is a tough hike. It is all paved but there are narrow areas, it is dark, and some are wet so they could end up slick. But the lighting they have added is stunning and truly highlights the amazing limestone features of the caverns.

Stick around until dusk and watch the bats come out, if it is at all possible. If you are just going to go for the bats and not do the cavern, there is no cost except the gas to drive out to the site. Listening to the wings and sounds of millions of bats swooping out and circling above – there is just nothing like it. This is one of my all-time favorite places. I would go every year if I could.Carlsbad vacation 2013

We took the girls at the beginning of our homeschool jouney and then again about a year and a half ago. Both good visits!

Christmas on the Pecos

Christmas on the Pecos is another fun thing to do in Carlsbad, though this one is on the Pecos River through town and not off at the edge of town like the caverns. Each holiday season, a large number of the homes and places visible from the river decorate with lights. All sorts of fun scenes and sights can be seen. There is a boat launch site and large boats that seat bunches of people line up and take folks up and down the river for a few hours after dark to see the lights.

With over 100 homeowners and corporate sponsors, the light show is spectacular. Gliding along the darkened river and seeing all the sparkling, twinkling Christmas lights is such a joy. When we went, the girls were still fairly young and I can still picture the wonder and joy on their faces. One sight in particular caused one of the girls to squeal “Look at the penguins!” She loved seeing them in lights, sliding down a slide on an igloo (I think!).

This is a nationally known set of holiday lights so if you have the opportunity, definitely go see them. They are so much fun.

Cloudcroft is a small mountain town not too far from where I grew up. It was originally founded as an excursion town with a railroad up the mountain to it from the desert valley below and Alamogordo. It brought goods down the mountain (think logging) from the forests above and brought people up to the cooler weather. A few stayed on and thus the town was born.

Cloudcroft is still an excursion town, though people drive to it now. There are plenty of activities. In the summer, it is still a great place to get away from the heat. You can also find golf, hiking, camping, and more. In the winter, there is hunting, skiing and snow-mobiles. Year-round there is shopping and plenty of artists to visit and restaurants to enjoy.

Accommodations available in the area include The Lodge, a beautiful old historical place. With unique furnishings and a beautiful setting, this is a lovely place to visit.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any pictures of either Cloudcroft or the Cumbres & Toltec that I have the rights to share. Visit their sites to see more about those places.

The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railway is another of those long memories that I have. I remember visiting this narrow gauge railway when I was much younger with my family, my grandparents, and my great-grandma. (To be fair, I could be remembering people telling me about visiting because it has been so long since I have gone!) This rail trip runs through the mountains of northern New Mexico. The NM base for this railway is in Chama, NM. It runs up to Antonito, CO. You can ride one way and take a bus back or take a bus up and ride the train back. Sorry – not a bus but a luxury motor coach. 🙂

This is definitely a “bucket list” item as the cost is not cheap. But, oh, I so want to take the girls! The railway was part of the silver mining industry in the late 1800s. When that slowed, there just wasn’t enough business to convert the rails to the larger size so it was slow going for a while. After WWII, there was a small natural gas boom that brought some business and then, well, it was time to disassemble the rails.

Luckily a group of local folks fought to keep some of the rails intact through the most scenic parts of the area. Thus, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railway came about in the 1970s. It is a beautiful trip through the lovely Rocky Mountains, back and forth over the border of NM and CO. What a lovely way to spend a day!

So, there you have them – 4 different place to tackle for the letter C in New Mexico. The richness of the state continues to amaze me!

Lori, At Home.

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A Pirate Story by Miss L

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A Pirate Story

Miss L has been using a program from SchoolhouseTeachers.com titled Elements of Literature. This program is written by Melissa Williamson. The assignment at the end of the first unit had to do with writing a short story. Miss L’s story was wonderful, all about kids and the fun they can have. Enjoy!

Lila Nelson was many things. She was a teenager. She was a student. She was also a babysitter. What she was NOT was a pirate. Until today.

Lila swooshed a foam sword at the little boy and girl in front of her. Ethan and Celia Logner were the kids she was babysitting today. The twins were 6 and had started kindergarten this year. Or at least that’s who they usually were. With their parents gone to a work meeting, they got the afternoon with Lila. So today they were pirates, too.

Ethan was all over, hitting the furniture, banging the pillows, smacking the walls. Lila caught him by the sword just as he was about to attack the piano.

“Why don’t we go get a snack? All this pirate-ing is making me hungry,” she suggested.

Ethan shook his head. “I don’t want a snack. I like pirates. I want to keep playing.”

But when he heard they had juice boxes in the kitchen, he and the other pirates called a truce and left their weapons where they lay. They all went and had some juice and crackers. Afterwards, Ethan wanted to keep playing.

Lila settled Ethan and Celia on the couch and got our her guitar. Together, they sang some songs. But Ethan was feeling . . . creative. “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, ” he sang. “Make my mateys walk the plank cause I’m a pirate mean.”

Celia frowned. “That’s not how it goes.”

They tried to play a board game but it was clear that Ethan had pirates on the mind, considering he kept taking all the dice, cards, and players for his “booty.”

They sat down for crafts. That at least worked. Celia drew a rainbow, a pony, and four flowers. Ethan drew a treasure map. That was fine but when he wanted to follow it? Well, that was the problem.

Lila tried to explain to him that it was getting late and that they couldn’t just go wandering around outside as it was getting darker but the kid wouldn’t listen. “Besides,” she tried to add, “your parents will be here in a couple of hours and you still need to take your bath.”

That was the last straw. As he rolled around screaming on the floor, his sister looked at Lila. “Maybe you should just give him what he wants,” she said. “He’s just gonna get madder.”

Lila smiled. “Oh, you’re right; maybe so.”

Ethan was invited to pilot a pirate ship. With his “double eye patches,” he dove beneath the waves to find treasure under the deep. Granted, it was a small ship. But washed, dried, brushed, and tucked into bed in cozy pajamas, he was having BIG adventures.


SchoolhouseTeachers.com is full of many wonderful courses and we are so blessed by them. With all levels and all subjects for one price for the whole family, this online resource can be the one thing you need in homeschooling. 

Lori, At Home.

Destiny of the Republic ~ a Book Club post & review

Destiny of the Republic squareI stumbled across this title during a discussion on Facebook. It sounded interesting so I searched it out. A good choice!

Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine, and the Murder of a President by Candice Millard

This is a nonfiction book about the assassination of President Garfield. But it starts long before that, bringing President Garfield into light and allowing the reader to truly know who he was. He was not a showy man. He did not seek to be in the spotlight. But he did not shy away from stepping up to help where he knew he was needed.

When he ascended to the Presidency, it was because the people wanted him there. He did not desire to be president and was actually speaking for another man to be president when he was nominated. He was elected and so he stepping into the role, knowing he was needed. He desired to help the country move forward and to grow and unite.

As with any President, there were many who sought his favor. At this time, the White House was a place where regular folks could come and go at will. Office seekers did just that, often at all hours. One of these office seekers, Charles Guiteau, was dangerously delusional. He had been for a while. When he did not get an office, he eventually decided that the best response was to remove the President so that the Vice-President would take over. Guiteau thought, in his state of mind, that the Vice-President would be more willing to give him the office he wanted.

He was successful in his attempt on the President’s life, though the death of the President was not immediate. This is where the medicine part of the title comes in. There were many different ideas at the time about how best to treat different medical needs. Disinfection was one of the ideas being discussed widely. There were some who were beginning to understand how infection could be introduced to a body and were calling for disinfection of all medical areas and utensils. Others strongly disagreed with those ideas.

Many of the doctors who treated President Garfield were of the opinion that disinfection was not necessary. Unfortunately for all of us, they were wrong and the President died from the infection introduced through the treatments his medical practitioners gave. This overwhelming infection is what he eventually succumbed to.

The country was left mourning a popular President just months after his inauguration. A kind, sunny personality left and left behind many who loved him. He never had a moment during his long, protracted illness that he lost his cheerfulness. And, since the assassination came so soon after he became President, we don’t really know what the country lost as a leader.

This was an illuminating read for me and I am so glad I stumbled across it. The connections (we have x-ray machines because of this – you’ll have to read to find this connection) were interesting for me. I am so glad that I have read this. I knew Garfield was known to be a kind and good man but now I understand the extent of this. His wife was a sweet lady. They were the “All-American” family and so many people could relate to them. What a sad thing that we lost this particular President before he was able to do those things people knew he could in the White House.

Is this a good read? Absolutely.
Is it a fast read? Yes, actually, it was a pretty fast one to read for me.
Will you learn a lot? Unless you are a history buff and already know a good bit about President Garfield, I don’t how you could NOT learn a lot.
Do I recommend it? Without a doubt.

Lori, At Home.

Destiny of the Republic Short

Homeschool Complete Unit Studies ~ a Crew review

Homeschool Complete post image for unit studies

Unit studies are these wonderful packages of study that combine several different core areas of study under one topic. Homeschool Complete offers a number of different
Unit Studies that are packed full of learning and fun. We have just finished up two unit studies, having used John Adams (a one-week study) and Pioneers (a three-week study).

Homeschool Complete is a curriculum choice that has seen success. Created by Debra Arbuthnot, these studies are what she used to homeschool her own children. Her children have now graduated college and she is sharing her successful curriculum with others. In addition to her family education, Mrs. Arbuthnot has 27 years in public and private education.

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 1.14.32 PM

Homeschool Complete offers stand alone unit studies, complete year-long curriculum options, reading curriculum, and bundles of these products. Visit the website to take a look at all that is offered.

During this review period, we used two of her unit studies – John Adams and Pioneers. These studies are set up on a four-day per week schedule but you can adjust it for five-day weeks if that is what you do in your home. Alternatively, there are some suggested activities and reading that would allow to you go further with the study if you would rather do that on day five of your week.

Each study includes all of your core materials – reading, writing, math, science, history, fine arts, and PE. Every day does not include all of these areas but most are covered every day. To complete everything on each day’s activity list take around 2 -3 hours, depending on how much you adjust and your own children. We skipped the math in both of the studies because our daughter is at a different place in her math skills than these studies include. Even with that, we often spent an hour and a half – 2 hours on the study each day.

If you are a bit intimidated by the thought of covering everything with one study, have no fear. There are pages at the beginning of the study on how to use the study and the guide, how to approach teaching new skills, and tackling calender time if you use it in you home (it is included in the study). There is a complete skills list and a complete materials list, including having it broken down by lesson, at the beginning of the PDF.

Screenshot 2019-03-06 at 12.47.12 PM

John Adams is a one week long 54-page unit study covering, you guessed it, John Adams. In this 3rd-4th grade level study, there were picture books to read and discuss, writing activities, historical adventures to learn, biographies to read, weather to talk about, and so much more. From singing patriotic songs and doing some physical activity to working on workbook pages (included in the download of the study), there is a variety of activity for each day.

Homeschool Complete Adams study and worksheet

We did have to make a trip to the library for this study to get the picture books, but, hey, we love trips to the library! We found the main picture books for the study, as well as couple of additional ones to keep around. We also substituted the chapter book for out-loud reading because it did not correspond to the study and was a character my daughter did not like. We gathered a few supplies, like crayons and pencils and the printed worksheet, and started off.

Homeschool Complete Adams study

Each day we would work through a picture book. Then we would work through the activities for the day. These included working on contractions, recalling information from the book, reading a non-fiction passage and writing answers to questions over it, creating art work to go with an event, creating a Venn diagram to compare two people, writing paragraphs and poetry, and movement activities.


By the time the week was out, we had a pretty good grasp of the life of John Adams, his wife Abigail, and the work he did as President. It was a good study.

Homeschool Complete Pioneers

Pioneers is a 3-week study for grades 3 through 6. At over 150 pages, it is packed with all your core materials and a bundle of activities to help your student experience life on the prairie. This study has a main book – Little House on the Prairie – that you will need to obtain separately. With the addition of a few materials for activities such as baking vanity cakes or making ice cream or growing crystals, you’ll have three weeks of fun reading and activity to learn about life during the pioneer times.


I did much of the reading out loud for Little House and then we used it as the jumping off point for the lessons after that. There are comprehension and discussion questions to go along with each reading of three to four chapters. Then there are worksheets, included in the PDF download, to further thought and practice writing. Each worksheet has some cursive practice and some words to work with in reading, spelling, and/or alphabetizing. Most have a short passage to read and then answer questions about, practicing full sentences. In these, we discussed weather, grasshoppers, and temperatures, to name a few. Miss J created graphs, mapped travel, labeled parts of grasshoppers, practiced reading charts, and worked on the long jump. She also work on music rhythms and time signatures.

Each day was a new variety of things to do and ways to do them. It was a good variety and kept things fun and interesting for her. We were able to take a couple of the activities and modify it to be able to go outside and work when the weather was nice. We found this study to be very adaptable and easy to use. With everything included for you, you can use just this study and feel confident that you are covering plenty of material with your child.

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Thoughts On Homeschool Complete Unit Studies

The unit studies are so full of activity and learning! You won’t be disappointed. Do recognize that your child may fall at a different understanding level for some of these. For example, the Pioneers study is listed for 4 different grade levels. There is no way the math in that study can work for all 4 levels so be prepared to adjust for your own students. But that is the beauty of these unit studies. They are so full of activities, that skipping a few things or modifying them doesn’t diminish the quality of the study. It still is full of core study activities centered around a theme.

Some of the activities don’t quite fit clearly into the theme but that is to be expected when you are trying to create a truly comprehensive unit study. An example is that for PE one day, there was a discussion of flexibility. Not a bad item to discuss and the activity was kind of fun for my girl but it didn’t really fit into the theme. Doesn’t matter – we covered PE that day!

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All in all, I really like these unit studies. They are packed full of materials, ideas, and activities to keep the students engaged and interested. They material is flexible and can be adjust easily as needed to fit your family. There is enough material included in the downloadable PDF files that you wouldn’t miss it. You can even choose to pay for the unit study to be printed and shipped to you if you would prefer that route.

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A while back, we also used the unit study on Soccer. I did not write a review here on my blog for it but you can find it on the The Old Schoolhouse Product Review page.

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Homeschool Review Crew families have used a number of the unit studies as well as different grade levels of the All-Inclusive Curriculum. Please click through the banner below to visit the main post to read more reviews of Homeschool Complete.



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