Kid in the Kitchen – cupcakes and lemonade

cupcakes and lemonade

J has been asking, and asking, and asking to make cupcakes. You know how they always manage to catch you just as you have started something? Well, the other day, I just stopped. I am working at becoming more intentional about allowing the girls to do what interests them, especially when it is in an area like the kitchen that I am not specifically teaching to.

So, we stopped and made cupcakes. They turned out so good and J was so happy! She did all the measuring by herself. She did all the stirring. She got the cupcake holders ready and filled some of the holders by herself. I handled putting the pans in the oven and taking them out. We use a vegan cake recipe because it is simple and works perfectly to allow for the allergies in our family.

While they were baking, J and E got some decorations ready for the cupcakes. We used Easter egg printouts from the Egglo company we are reviewing. We printed them out and E cut them. She then taped them to a toothpick and J put them in the cupcakes. J also arranged the cupcakes on a display that came with the baking set she got at Christmas. She was so proud. Her grandparents even came by to admire and comment on the cupcakes. And then, we ate them!

While we were making cupcakes, L was learning how to make lemonade at her grandmother’s house. When she came home, she wanted to show off her new talent in the kitchen. So, for snack time, she made lemonade for everyone. She got out all the ingredients, the measuring cups, and the pitcher. She did all the measuring (she knew exactly how much of each thing she needed) and mixed it all up. She then poured cups for everyone. It was yummy and we all had seconds. That was it – all gone! She is already planning to make more for us.

What is getting made in your kitchen? I hope it is as good as ours was and that the kiddos are learning and helping. At Home.

cupcakes and lemonade 2

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