Torn Paper Nutcracker

Torn Paper NutcrackersSeveral years ago, one of the girls made a torn paper Santa picture. Miss J saw it the other day when we were decorating for Christmas and wanted to make one. We decided to change it up a bit and I had to figure out the best way to instruct the making of it.

Miss L background

I gave each of the girls a piece of paper. I also gave them the Kwik Stix but you could use paint, crayons, markers, whatever you want. The only instruction I gave them was to make a background for a nutcracker. That very general instruction landed four very different interpretations. I did a background of wide stripes. Miss E did some color blocks and some candy canes. Miss L created an entire scene. Miss J did a simple outdoor scene.

Miss E background background Miss L

nutcracker in progress


Then I put the construction paper on the table and told them we were going to tear the paper to make the nutcrackers. We could not use anything other than the construction paper and our hands to shape the paper. We used glue sticks to glue the pieces onto the backgrounds. After a couple of grumbles, we got going and the grumbles soon turned to laughter. By the end of the project, I was hearing requests for more of this type of project.


torn paper nutcracker Miss E torn paper nutcracker by Miss L torn paper nutcracker by Miss J

This was a fun little project that didn’t take a ton of time but yielded very fun results. Use your imagination and you could apply this idea to any number of settings. We’ll be doing this again soon, I imagine. Perhaps with a Santa.

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11 thoughts on “Torn Paper Nutcracker

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    These are great! I’ve featured them this week in the Christmas Fun link up!

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    These are so cute and creative! We’d love if you would link it up on the Virtual Fridge –

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