U is for … Umbrella


U umbrellaDo your kids love umbrellas? Mine do and I really do not understand it at all! They love to play with them and open and close them. They pretend it is raining and they “use” their umbrellas. They also love to use them as a parasol. (By the way, do you know the difference between an umbrella and a parasol? Is it just whether it is rainy or sunny? I think I need to look that up.)

Recently, a couple of the girls have come home from sleep-overs at grandma’s house with new umbrellas. And they love them. And I have had to get onto them for opening them in the house and spinning in circles with the umbrellas thrown as wide as their little arms will reach. Knocking over anything it touches. But the girls have such big grins on their faces! It makes me smile, even while I am telling them to close it up or take it outside.

In honor of these new toys, because that’s really what they are, I’m making the new reading chart an umbrella. She’ll love it! And, it has more numbers on it because she has started reading 5 or 6 books a day. So I’m raising the ante on her and she needs to read 25 books this next week. I am sure she’ll make it. Click on the link underneath the picture to access the file and print your own copy for free.


Umbrella Book Log


Umbrella reading chart PDF

At Home.

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