Make It Work Monday – doll stockings

stockings 10This week is going to be bringing you a couple more reviews so I will make an effort to sandwich them between some other posts. Today, I’m sharing with you the stockings we made recently for the girls’ American Girl dolls.


We have been going through the mending piles and pulling out the things that are actually not repairable but that have some good material to them. I have saved several pairs of stockings the girls have put holes or runs in. Most of them are microfiber stockings so they are pretty durable and don’t actually run. Unfortunately, they do tear. So, we have several that had big holes in the knees. I kept them and we made them into doll socks and stockings the other day. Here, in pictures, is the process for the stockings.stockings 1

stockings 2stockings 3stockings 4stockings 5stockings 6

If you have questions about how we did this, please ask in the comments. It makes sense to me but I often sew by instinct. That makes it a bit harder to share information sometimes. If you don’t understand something, I will try to clarify. Thanks for stopping by.

stockings 9

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3 thoughts on “Make It Work Monday – doll stockings

  1. rodandmegs March 5, 2016 at 10:52 am Reply

    My daughter would love these for her American Girls! If only I could sew…. At least my mom can!

  2. […] Make It Work Monday – doll stockings […]

  3. […] Make It Work Monday – doll stockings […]

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