Ancient Words ~ hymn

The Zoe Group has a really nice song called “Ancient Words.” The lyrics to this song are impactful, strong, and important.


Words of life, words of hope Give us strength, help us cope

These lyrics really struck me this morning as we were singing this song. A dear friend’s husband was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident last week and these words struck me because without the Word of God, we have no life, no hope, no strength. In times of extreme peril and hurt, we turn to the Word of God. We hear Him speaking to us, telling us that He is the Lord, He is in control.

If we listen to these ancient words that have come down to us over the ages, we find the words to help us deal with what life throws at us. We find strength to face the things we never image we will have to. We find hope amid trials.

Ancient words, ever true, changing me and changing you

When you spend time in God’s word, do you feel changed? Do you allow it to change you? When we truly listen to what God is speaking through His Word, we cannot help but be changed by it.

What hope is given, what strength, what changes!

God is faithful to work in my life when I listen to the ancient words that He has given me. It is His way of speaking to me and I need to listen so I will be changed.

At Home.

Ancient Words


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