Fruit of the Spirit – Patience

Patience title

Number four in the Fruit of the Spirit series is one that we work on constantly. Patience is not a strong point for anyone in our family. Do any of you know The Music Machine album from, oh, 20 or 30 years ago? Well, we sing the patience song from there. A Lot. The kids tend roll their eye and one of them says “Stop singing!”

This was one that we really need. Then again, in our society, who doesn’t? We are constantly battling busyness and everywhere we turn we aretold that there is something else we need to be a part of, or doing, or reading, or viewing, or participating in. We need to learn that patience is precious and can be of great worth to us.

Something that I found in working this up was a quote that really struck a chord with me. The quote is from an unknown source and it says this:

Patience is not the ability to wait.
It is the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

Wow! Put into that context, how often do I miss the boat with my patience? When we are running late for church, do I wait patiently or do I say “come on girls, we’re gonna be late, hurry up, let’s move” or any number of other things intended to encourage haste in the girls? Unfortunately, it is the later more often than the first. But I never thought of it that way until I saw the quote. Patience is another one that I think we will revisit in another format later on. We need thework on this particular fruit. I need the work on this particular fruit.

Onto the goodies for you to use, though. Staying true to the format, here you go.

Patience – what does the Bible say – The above quote is used in the question section of this.

Patience – handwriting practice cursive

Patience – handwriting practice print

Patience – handwriting practice copy print


Patience – snail picture – again the source for this is unknown but I got it off of a search for coloring pages. Of course, I chose the snail because of The Music Machine song, which features a snail for patience.

May you experience plenty of patience. At Home.

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