Quick and Easy Easter Candy

Easter candy title


We wanted a fun activity for this evening so we made Easter candy. It can’t get any easier than this, unless you count unwrapping something from the store!



chocolate chips and/or white chocolate chips
Easter themed sprinkles


(simple version) Melt chocolate chips; sprinkle with sprinkles; cool; eat.

(Detailed version for those who need a step by step – I am right there with you!)

  • Unless you wanting an interesting look and flavor, use just one type of chips at a time. Put aEaster Candy collage good amount of chocolate chips in a microwavable bowl. Microwave on high for 60 seconds.
  • Take out and stir. Microwave for 30 seconds.
  • Stir. Microwave for 15 seconds.
  • Stir. Microwave for 10 seconds. Stir and that should be good. The chips should all be melted and you should have a smooth mixture. (We started out with frozen chocolate chips so this was how long it took for ours but yours might take more or less time, especially if your chocolate chips are at room temperature.)
  • Spread out on wax paper.
  • Sprinkle the Easter sprinkles (or whatever you have) on top.
  • Place in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or so to harden.
  • Break into pieces and eat.



Easter Candy snack time

This is a quick and easy way to make something fun. If you don’t have sprinkles, now is the time to look. JoAnn’s had the Easter stuff 40% off and they still had a little bit of St. Patrick’s Day at 70% off. I am sure other places are starting to discount their Easter goods, as well.

Happy Easter!! At Home.

A Review – Curiosity Quest


Curiosity Quest title


Did you know that oranges can get injured and that not all penguins live in the cold and ice? Curiosity Quest will show you these things and so much more. Begun as a PBS program in California, Curiosity Quest is sharing their fun and exciting learning with all of us through DVD and we are so very happy about it. Host Joel Greene visits different sites around the country to answer questions sent in from curious viewers.

We were sent two Curiosity Quest DVDs to review: DVD Combo Pack – Produce and DVD Combo Pack – Swimmers of the Sea. Each of these combo packs includes three episodes and sells for $24.95 on their site. Each episode runs approximately 30 minutes and is recommended for ages 7 -14, though much younger and much older will enjoy them as well. All you need to experience the exploration of various topics is a DVD, available from the Curiosity Quest store, and something to play and view it on, such as a DVD player and TV.

Curiosity Quest Review

The Produce Combo Pack: episodes on oranges, mushrooms, and cranberries

The Orange Packing episode takes us to California where Joel learns all about picking and packing oranges so they can be shipped around the country and around the world. From learning how to clip the oranges off the tree (you don’t pluck or pull and you have to clip the stem close or it can cause an injury to another orange) to placing them carefully into the bags and then bins, to disinfecting and washing them, to packing and shipping – there are so many aspects to packing up oranges that we didn’t know anything about.

In Mushrooms, Joel visits a mushroom grower. He learns about the process of preparing soil (which starts as hay) for the mushrooms to grow in and then they go to the growing rooms where the mushrooms grow. Because mushrooms grow from spores which are next to invisible, a grass seed is infused with the mushroom spores and then planted. From white mushrooms to the portabella mushrooms, the climate control is precise. Watching the picking (they pick 100+ pounds per hour per person!) and packing (they pack them 200 different ways!) was interesting.

In Cranberries, we learned that cranberries don’t actually grow in the bogs and water. When it is picking time, the growers flood the fields to assist in harvesting the cranberries. Joel visited a grower in Wisconsin to experience the cold harvest (it was snowing in the video), processing, and packaging of the cranberries. They can be packaged as fresh cranberries (they have to bounce to be good enough for fresh) or sent off to make juice (if they didn’t bounce but aren’t bruised, they go to the juice plant). An interesting thing about the bruised and bad ones – organic chicken growers often feed their animals these cranberries because they are so high in antioxidants and other things that help keep the animals healthy.

Curiosity Quest Review

The Swimmers of the Sea Combo Pack: episodes on penquins, sea turtles, and salmon

In Turtle Rescue, Joel visits the Turtle Hospital in Florida, whose goal is Rescue. Rehab. Release., to learn about helping the endangered sea turtles. He meets several of the resident sea turtles, learns about helping them be healthy (the right food) , how to feed them (watch out for your fingers! use a pole with a clamp on the end), and what can be done to help all sea turtles survive. He experiences all that must go on to help sick and injured sea turtles be able to return to their natural habitat so that hopefully, these critically endangered animals will be able to rebound and thrive.

The Penguins episode takes Joel and his curious viewers to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and their penguin exhibit. Behind the scenes, Joel learns about the penguins (they have over 100 feathers per square inch), what they eat (small fish like capelin and herring), and how they live (in colonies). He experiences feeding the penguins, their habitat, and all that the keepers do to help the penguins live lives that are healthy.

The episode Salmon Hatchery takes the viewers to Alaska, famous for its salmon. Viewers get to see Joel visit the rivers (he waded into the VERY cold water barefooted), see salmon returning to their home waters to spawn (there are so many the river looks more like salmon moving than water moving), and learn about the 5 different species of salmon found in Alaska. We learned that they lay their eggs in gravel in fresh water but they live in the salt water of the Pacific Ocean. He visits a hatchery that works to help salmon hatch and grow to the point where they can be released into the wild. The view of the salmon ladder is interesting and watching the salmon jump up the ladder is exciting and fascinating (we kept on cheering for that one that would jump and end up going backwards).

Curiosity Quest Review

 Curiosity Quest spurs learning and further curiosity

We thoroughly enjoyed the Curiosity Quest videos. We liked them so much that we couldn’t watch just one episode at a time! We learned so much from each one of them. While I had fun learning about the produce and how it makes it to our tables, I enjoyed the animal episodes a whole lot more. There is so much that you learn because each sentence is filled with information and learning. Better, though, is that after watching the videos, the girls wanted to learn even more about the topics. And isn’t that the point?

After watching the episode about oranges, the girls wondered. Some of the questions were: what are the different types of oranges? What do they tasted like and do they taste different from each other? How do they look when they get injured? Do we have any that were injured? Do we have any that were green and missed the process that helps them turn orange? We were able to do several additional activities with oranges following the video because the girls were even more curious than they were prior to watching Curiosity Quest.

A few days after we saw the mushroom episode, we went to the grocery store. The girls wanted to look more at the mushrooms. We looked at and bought some white mushrooms. We compared the looks and prices of the portabella mushrooms. When we got home, they handled the mushrooms and we looked at the spores. At the library, the girls checked out a book about poisonous mushrooms.

The penguins episode made them want to know even more so we checked out some non-fiction books for them to read. They also put together a foam kit (that I had found on sale $0.40 after Christmas and had stashed until needed) with penguins in it. Then they went and collected rocks, since the penguins in the video lived on/in rocks rather than ice. They got a bowl out and put water and food coloring in it for the penguins to swim in. They put a couple of plants from their dollhouse there and – bingo – a penguin habitat. They even made it so that there was a little box for the penguins to go into like the ones shown on the video.

After the salmon episode, we looked at salmon at the grocery store and had some for dinner (not their favorite fish, which is a shock to me as it is the only one I enjoy). We also got out some books for them to read, which they loved.

Sea turtles are a favorite and we spent some time earlier in the year on them. It wasn’t quite as much of a curiosity spur for them because of that but they did choose to check some books out at the library.

This one’s a winner!

Curiosity Quest has highly impressed me. (In fact, I have watched some of the episodes again without the giggly girls.) Since we don’t have access to it as a TV show, we are looking at working these into our curriculum choices for the summer and next year on DVD. They have 6 seasons worth of episodes for you to choose from and I found their online store (http://CuriosityQuestStore.com) easy to navigate. Another option that I am considering is their monthly or annual membership which automatically sends you episodes each month. Either way, I am hoping to be able to add more of these to our viewing options in the coming months so we can satisfy some more of our curiosity. At Home.

You can catch up with Curiosity Quest through the following social media.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CuriosityQuest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/curiosityquest
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCijkbeDwySOsg-pZjOeWsgg

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5 Days of Our Favorite Books – Dad’s Favorites

Dad's TitleToday Dad of At Home: where life happens is writing the post to let you in on a few of his favorite books. I always love to hear what he has to say and his post on his favorite books does not disappoint.


I feel handicapped, because most of my favorite “keepers” are loaded in boxes now for the move! Here are a few I can think of off the top of my head.

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

I have read this five or six times, and it never fails to teach me something. I am actually listening to it on audio right now, and laughing aloud at the earlier parts. The trial and surrounding elements never fail to completely engross me, and tear me apart emotionally. This is a rough book in a lot of places. I would not give it to a child younger than 15 or 16. There are things they wouldn’t understand (hopefully, anyway). I don’t think a young teen has the discernment and experience to understand the themes here, anyway. I do think it is an excellent book to have your child read before they leave home, though.

The Dark Tower – Stephen King

This is Stephen King’s largest work, taking almost 30 years to finish! Think of it as a cowboy version of Lord of the Rings, with a modern twist, and you’ll be in the ballpark. Like most of his fiction, it has its darker elements, and a fair bit of profanity. It’s not horror, though, but fantasy. Tolkien, if he had been raised in the Bronx. If you decide to try it, the first novel, The Gunslinger, is a little bit of a slow starter for some; give it time and it will hook you hard!

Favorite Authors

Roald Dahl – I really prefer his children’s works over his adult fiction. Some of the short stories are great, but ALL of the children’s books are wonderful. I have read almost all of them aloud to my girls!

Mark Twain – If you want to learn about human beings, read Twain.

Bernard Cornwell – I just found him last year, but see great potential for addiction! By all accounts, his historical fiction is very, very accurate. By my personal account, it is also very entertaining!


Just Plain Fun

When you’re reading two or three books at a time, some have to be just for fun.

Gregory MacDonald – Light reading, but the man wrote excellent mystery novels. His distinguishing characteristic is a great gift for dialogue.

Lee Child – One of my favorite new authors, for a really good story.

Robert B. Parker – Wrote the Spenser novels, on which the 80s TV show was based. What I like about him is that his characters THINK. They are intelligent, but practical. This pleases me. He also has other series, including some westerns that I have not tried.

Lawrence Block – A truly gifted writer who chose to write in the crime/detective field. Definitely a cut above most.


Lori back now. Thank you for joining us for 5 Days of Our Favorite Books. We have had fun thinking about books this week and are rejuvenated and thinking about what to read next. What is next on your reading list? After I finish Ballet Shoes, I need some suggestions. At Home.

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5 Days of Our Favorite Books – J’s Choices (age 5)

I was told better late than never; so, here it is late!

J Title


When J was asked to bring me some of her favorite books, the ones she chose were predictable.

J - Barbie

Barbie is a huge favorite and we don’t mind the Barbie books because the girls really do seem to focus more on the stories than on the drawings. Barbie has some that are terrific lesson stories and lots that have a lot of information in them that is good.

J - Dora

She often chooses Dora; she doesn’t come home from the library without at least one Dora book and sometimes that is all she chooses. I’m okay with that and I’ll let her hold onto her childhood for as long as she wants.

J - Berenstain Bears

The Berenstain Bears is another favorite, among all of the girls actually. Again, there are lots of morals to be found in these books and they are writing some with a Christian story to them.

J - Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy is a fun series because of all of the vocabulary and the boisterous, outrageous Nancy. Personally, I enjoy these as well.

J - Sophia

Sophia the First is one that came to our attention rather late, according to fads and such (which I am fine with!). J has just really enjoyed Sophia and has a soft Sophia that is a favorite doll, as well. She likes the books and has watched several of the Sophia videos. Always, though, the book trumps all the videos out there.

J - Frozen

Can you tell my daughter has a tendency to enjoy princesses and fancy dresses and the “popular” stuff? For all that she does, she is very down to earth and thinks deeply about all of these. Frozen is another favorite, as I think it is with all little girls right now. Again, I don’t mind this one because we have had so many really good discussion about Frozen – selfless love, true love, caring for others and what that can/should look like, recognizing a gift or talent, using versus hiding that gift, honoring others through your gifts, etc. Each reading of the book or singing of the songs can lend itself to another opportunity to encourage her to be the young lady God has planned for her to be.

J - Midnight FairiesJ - Mr Tiger Goes Wild

Then we get to some that are less-well-known: The Midnight Fairies and Mr. Tiger Goes Wild. Fun, fun, fun! I don’t know where The Midnight Fairies came from (I am thinking a sleepover at Ginny’s house – that is grandma for us) but it is a really cute little book that she asks to have read often. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild came from her Aunt. We count on Aunt Katie to find unusual, fun, unique books and this one holds true to her ability to do so. I love Mr. Tiger Goes Wild!


These are the current favorites for our recently turned 5 year old. What are some of your suggestions for a little girl? I am always looking for unique choices in literature to share with the girls. At Home.


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5 Days of Our Favorite Books – L’s Choices (age 7)

L title

Today it is L’s turn to share some of her favorite books. As much as she loves to read, I was truly surprised when she brought me 4 books. I decided that her favorite books are the ones she is reading right now. And, so, these are her favorites as of this post.


L - Magic by the Lake

This is the second book by Edward Eager. The first is called Half Magic. She is really enjoying this little series that her dad introduced her to and he read as a young man.


L - Dear America

The Dear America series is a group of books written as diaries by young girls from the past. She has checked a number of them out from the library. The one pictured here is of Elizabeth from Jamestown in 1609. L enjoyed this set of 3 diaries. The other absolute favorite diary set is of Sophia who was an immigrant at Ellis Island.


L - Horse Diaries

L has almost finished the Horse Diaries series. She has the last two checked out right now. She is sort of enamored with horses at the moment and has really enjoyed this series.


L - American Girl

The Caroline series of books from American Girl is probably the best loved series long term for the time being. She has read this group of books a number of times and enjoyed them so much that she wanted a Caroline doll. She has read many of the American Girl books and another favorite set of hers is Kaya, a young Nez Perce Indian from about 150 years ago.

There is one more book that she is really enjoying right now titled “The Never Girls.” It is a play on the fairy tale characters and their offspring. We don’t have a copy of it. She checks it out from the library.

Now, on any given day, her favorites may change but these are the ones that seem to be pretty constant for a while now. She reads all the time. Just this evening, when she was told to head to bed, she had probably 10 books around her. We are always finding her reading. Not a bad thing at all!

I would love to know what your favorite book, fiction or nonfiction, about a historical subject is. We are always looking for more historical things to read. At Home.


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A Review – Supercharged Science

Supercharged Science title

Ever want to learn from a rocket scientist? With Supercharged Science, your students will get to do just that! Aurora Lipper is the creator of Supercharged Science and really has an interesting take on what makes science learning interesting and fun. Whether your child is in 4 or 24, there is so much information jamb-packed into this site and program that it is impossible to experience all that is there.

Supercharged eScience Review

Supercharged Science is an online science curriculum. It can be your foundation for homeschool science or it can be a supplement, depending on the needs of your students and curriculum. Each lesson includes a video explanation and example of the experiment, activity, or project, as well as written information, some of which is included in the video. Many of the lessons also have a printable file with the experiment and questions to be answered. The file also includes the acceptable answers for the questions. There are over 900 science activities, projects, and experiments on www.ScienceLearningSpace.com.

We are using e-Science Premium Membership. This is intended for all grade levels PK through 12. The cost for this membership is $57 per month. If you would prefer to use only K-8th materials, it costs $37 per month. For details or to sign up, please visit their pricing and benefits page.

We mostly used the videos, with me including some of the pertinent written information. We would do the preliminary journal work (title, date, materials). Next, we would watch the video. I had the girls do some of the journal work first because I felt it was helpful to know what materials they would be seeing Aurora work with in the video. After the video, I would add whatever I felt was needed from the written materials and then we would do the physical experiment following the directions in the written part and/or the video. You will need both because sometimes the video did not have complete instructions or skipped a bit for time’s sake. The girls finished up each activity by completing their journal work.

With so much on the site, it is hard to know where to start. So, let’s start at the beginning on this one. Decide what your priorities are and that will help you choose whether to work by topic or by grade level. There is a helpful user’s guide at Supercharged Science that you may want to view. We decided to begin each giggly girl within her grade level and let her choose the topic within that grade level that interested her. The oldest, 4th grade, chose magnetism. The middle, 2nd grade, chose chemistry. The youngest, PK/K, chose physics. We began working through each of those modules. In theory, this was a good plan – put each child at about the age level she should be working on and in a topic of choice. We’ll get energy and enthusiasm and speed along the road to learning.

cereal magnetismgrowing crystalsRubber Egg

As is often the case, theory and reality did not align. In reality what we got was a whole slew of unrelated ideas that each of the girls wanted to be a part of. When the 2nd grade giggly girl did her experiment on growing crystals, the other two wanted to do the same. We ended up doing 3 versions of that experiment three different times. It was cool and they all learned a lot but we didn’t experience much variety that week! When the oldest was doing her work with some magnets and cereal, the youngest wanted to be a part of that instead of her own work. This is fine but we doubled up experiments for both of them that day because they both wanted to do both. This was a constant. Not bad – lots of learning went on; just unexpected and we ended up spending a lot more time than was planned. This, in turn, caused some burn-out pretty quickly.


After a bit of this, we decided we would redirect everything and start over again. So, we began working through the topic menu, beginning with Unit Zero: An overview of e-science and the 18 scientific principles. This has been interesting and I think we’ll make more progress this way.

A benefit of working through by unit is that this is really how the site is organized. Or, at least, this is how it appears to be organized to me. I feel that the grade level organization of it is a secondary organization but I can’t find things as easily. For example: when working on magnetism by grade level, I did not see any of the textbook readings that are available or the vocabulary words and definitions. When I went to the unit on magnetism, all of that and more was easily accessible.

Another benefit of working through it by unit is the shopping lists. When working through by grade level, I had to spend quite a bit of time piecing together the materials list for each of the girls. If we work through it by unit, however, there is a complete shopping list already made up. All I had to do was go click on it and print it.

Something that really impressed me with this program is the emphasis that is placed on keeping a scientific journal. It is done simply and explained clearly. The purpose was explained (“great ideas” are worth nothing if you can’t tell others about what you are doing) and the process is quick and easy. Three steps:

  1. Grab – grab a notebook
  2. Title – title the page with the name of the lesson or experiment and date it
  3. Record – describe what you are doing

With this simple explanation, the girls quit balking every time they were asked to get out their science journal and write down procedures and materials. It made sense finally and they saw it as easy to do.

Another area that I was impressed with was the unit dealing with math: Mathemagic. This unit has been a fun supplement to our math instruction with unique activities for applying mathematical principles. The very first time I pulled up the site, the girls really wanted to play Hex, a critical thinking and mathematical game. They played over and over, asking for a blank copy to put in a protective sleeve so we didn’t have to keep printing the game. We have really enjoyed this part of the site.

playing Hex

We will continue to use this program for a while but it will definitely be in a supplemental way. Doing experiments every single day, while it sounds like fun, was in reality quite a burn-out. We will change to doing one or two experiments a week and continuing the science journal. If they girls ask for more, we will do our best to fit in in. Because if they are interested, we want to encourage that interest and desire for learning. After all, that is why they are here. At Home.


If you would like to connect with Supercharged Science through social media, feel free to do so with these links.


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5 Days of Our Favorite Books – E’s Favorites (age 9, almost 10)

E - Title pic

Given the opportunity to choose and share her favorite books, E jumped right on it. Of course, she has the same affliction that I do; she enjoys books. A LOT! I probably should have made her narrow down her choices but I know how hard that is. Each book is like an old friend that you enjoy spending time with. So, her list is large and long. But, done with pictures – well – it isn’t so bad. If her book is part of a series, I have tried to make a comment under it so that you know.

E - Aladdin E - Alice

E - American Girl series

This is a series published by American Girl. There are a number of different girls that each have their own set of books. This one is Isabelle but she also enjoys Saige, Caroline, Kanani, and the others.

E - Buffalo Woman

E - Cinderella stories

She enjoys a lot of the variants of different stories. These are some of the Cinderella stories from around the globe.

E - color princesses

There are a few of these books. I know there is a Green Princess and a Pink Princess. I don’t know if there are others.

E - Creature in my Closet

This fairly new series is kind of interesting. The creature in each book is a combination of two or more characters from older stories and tales.

E - Dear America

Dear America is a series of books written as diaries. These are two that we own but we borrow this series from the library often.

E - Dorothy

E - Emily Windsnap

A series of books about Emily Windsnap, a young girl who finds out that she is part mermaid.

E - Ever After High series

E - Frogged

E - Goldilocks Dinos

E - Ice Princess

E - Ivan

E - Mandie series

The Mandie series has over 40 books in it. This young lady has lots of adventures, has an interesting background, and is fun and enjoyable. I have also enjoyed reading this series, though I haven’t read as many as E has.

E - Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers

E - My Name is Georgia

E - Mysterious Benedict Society

A series of 3 books, as far as I know.

E - Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia has been a beloved read-aloud between the girls and their dad. They love this series quite a bit.

E - One Riddle

E - Patricia Polacco books

E really likes reading the books by Patricia Polacco. She likes the pictures as much as the stories.

E - Pinocchio

E - Rainbow Magic series

There are bunches of books in the Rainbow Magic group of books. They are a pretty fun, easy early chapter book series.

E - Rapunzel

Again, she loves fairy tales and these are just a couple of the Rapunzel stories that we have.

E - Santa's Secret

This is a favorite book that was written by a young lady we know and is a gift that has been treasured by our family.

E - Sisters Grimm

The Sisters Grimm is a 9 book series about two sisters who are part of the Grimm family line. They have lots of adventures. This has some scary parts in the series so it might be one to pre-read for a younger child. That being said – this is one of her very favorite book series.

E - Sleepy Hollow

E - Snow White

E - The Hare and the Tortoise

E - The Little Mermaid

E - The Princess and the Pea

E - Tomie dePaola books

Again, legends are a favorite for E. She enjoys the types of legends retold and illustrated by Tomie dePaola. Any Tomie dePaola book are on her list. These are the ones she picked for pictures.

So – that concludes E’s favorites for this time. Because fairy tales and legends are some of E’s favorite reads, I would like to know: what is your favorite fairy tale or legend? Please share your favorites with us in the comments section. We would love to find some new ones to read together. At Home.


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