L is for Learning Together

L - learning together

We had some very dear friends spend the afternoon and evening with us the other day. The kids came over for the afternoon while their mom took care of some things and the kids had so much fun. Then we ate dinner together and chatted until well after the giggly girls bedtime. It was wonderful fellowship.

Shortly after they arrived, though, I found all six of the children (3 giggly girls, 2 visiting girls, and 1 visiting boy) huddled together talking in excited voices. Listening from across the room so that I didn’t disturb them, I realized that the oldest of our friends was excitedly sharing her art portfolio with my giggly girls and they were LOVING it. Discussions about what she drew, where her inspiration came from, what she used, what she thought, and so much more came floating across the room to my ear. I was listening, thrilled at all the learning that was going on simply by them talking to each other!

Not long after that, the oldest giggly girl went and got her portfolio (much of it was from ARTistic Pursuits – do you remember that review?). Hushed, excited voices began once again, this time with her explaining the assignment for each of her pieces, what she was trying to show, why she chose the subject she did, etc. More learning together. More thrilled listening for me.

L - art case

Next came the showing of the art case. (What are those called? I can’t think of a better word!) As our friend showed off her birthday present, the kids talked about all of the different media available and how you use them. Various pencils, chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolor pencils, charcoal pencils, a pose-able human model, different types of erasers, and on and on. Such excitement as together, they shared their knowledge and learned from each other. Our friend talked about what she knew and the oldest giggly girl talked about what she knew and all the others put in their 2 cents worth. Together, they managed to teach each other much.

To top it off, we decided we NEEDED to create some art pieces. Since our friends had never used chalk pastels and they are so much fun AND so forgiving, we pulled them out. After looking up some ideas (check out HodgePodge), we decided to create waterfalls. Well, the lone boy decided a tornado was more his speed, so that is what he did. (And he did a fantastic job!) After one picture, it was an absolute necessity to continue using this media and creating more works of art!

L - works in progress

Lots of mess and lots of drawing and lots of laughter and lots of fun later, here is what the giggly girls and their friends created.

L - art work


Learning is good but when the giggly girls can learn together from their peers of all ages, there is just nothing like it. And I smile. At Home.

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5 thoughts on “L is for Learning Together

  1. Tricia July 18, 2014 at 8:59 pm Reply

    Love the waterfalls – and the tornado – from your artists!! Sharing on our Art Showcase Pinterest board!

  2. Z is for…Zoo | At Home December 21, 2019 at 10:57 pm Reply

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  3. Desiree W July 13, 2021 at 11:49 am Reply

    I love chalk pastels and learning with friends. There is so much benefit to kids seeing what good things inspire their peers. Lovely waterfalls (and tornado)!

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